AirForce Texan SS 457 Air Rifle, hours ago maybe maybe three hours ago we.received a cool package an airforce air.guns Texan SS it is a point four caliber PCP or pre charged.pneumatic air rifle this big suppressor.looking thing on the front that’s a.suppressor and does everything a.suppressor is supposed to do just like.the last video that we did where we.talked a little bit about the benefits.of the pcp rifles even though it is a.suppressor it’s not considered a sound.suppressor by the federal government or.NFA laws because it’s not made for use.on a firearm this is not a firing I’m gonna have a little bit of fun.ooh I love it when I hear explosions.coming from the neighbors makes me seem.more safe.[Music].let’s have a little bit of fun with it.around the facility today for a few.minutes and starting with the next video.we’ll get kind of geeky and technical.about it because this this is much more.than a toy it is very much a tool and.there’s going to be a lot of the data.we’re going to collect that you’re want that’s going to illustrate it’s.a tool to start with let’s shoot a yeah we’re about thirty yards.away and you listen to how quiet this is.compared to how loud that is and tell me.if this reaches the tool category in.your mind so let’s start with the.windshield of the car the Air Force.Texan SS let’s see what it does in.comparison to the big bore that we use.last time.let’s take a close’s not gonna make much sense to shoot.a side window because we know what.that’s gonna do let’s try the door panel.itself I’ve even tried this yet so at.least not with an air rifle so this is.going to be new territory for me too.nope no question about problem now I’m wondering if it went.through the panel inside but you’re not.gonna have two wonderful long because.I’m gonna take you there right now’s not going to do me any good to get the camera inside because it’s.full of car parts from projects we’ve.done in the past and I can’t see if it.penetrated the inside skin or not’s either in the pile of rubbish.that’s in there or it’s between the door.and the and the door skin but what I you is the hole on the right is that we just made the hole on the.left is a hole from a previous test from.a 50 GI which is a pretty proper itself in comparison there is not a.lot of comparison that Air Force Texan.made an enormous hole let’s try that.sign that we shot last time let’s let’s.take a look at what it does.compared to the big bore that we tried.last time let’s see if there’s any.difference with this big point four projectile and the 0.357.projectile that we tried last time on.the sign.yeah there’s a difference.let’s look up close so I know that I.promised there wouldn’t be any anything.really technical in this one it would.only be fun but you’ve got to understand.that I have to do I’ve got to collect.some numbers so let’s take a look at.some muzzle velocity numbers and try to.get a better idea of what this thing is.doing for work at the muzzle so I’m.gonna run a few rounds maybe a five shot.string across the coronagraph using the.nice caldwell ballistic precision.chronograph that we normally use to find.out what we’re getting for muzzle energy.and to stay consistent I’m connected to.a scuba tank in that way I’m not be dropping in pressure as we’re.shooting or not anywheres near as fast.anyway because it’s feeding from the.scuba tank itself let’s do five rounds.and it’s not a full tank it’s a tank at.about 2,600 pounds and and this is.capable of 3,000 pounds so when we come.back to examine it in detail we’ll have.a nice fresh tank today we’re just kind.of getting acclimated to this and.learning a little bit about it together.let’s do five rounds 350 grain through.the Air Force Texan ss.675.six 77.676.676 again we got a duplicate reading and.if you couldn’t tell it does function.better if you take the safety off if you.want to fire and round number five that’s pretty darn consistent’s not actually pushing what it’s.capable of because the scuba tank isn’t.filled to capacity it certainly.demonstrates the consistency and.consistency leads to accuracy and that’s.going to be exciting to check into -.since this thing is performing so a traditional fire on let’s some traditional firearm targets in.this case it’s a shoe steal comm we’re at about about 35 yards let’s take a look at what the impacts.look like three hundred and fifty around 700 feet per second on the.shoe steel comm target I’m gonna run a.couple onto it maybe three rounds.beautiful there is no question.when you hit that.[Music].[Music].boy that’s a contrast in the in the.power this thing has right there it’s.easy to mistake it for not being.powerful because we don’t call it a.firearm and because you don’t hear a.loud bang well the type of gas or energy.that’s propelling it doesn’t make any.difference where it’s hitting it’s all.the the speed that it’s going and the.weight of the projectile that matters.the effectiveness of the sound.suppressor has no bearing on that either.but if you listen to how quiet is offset by the sound it makes.when it hits that steel it’s really no.different than anything else we’re using.I’ll shoot it a couple more times.[Music].that’s awesome awesome that’s all I can.say so I hope that you enjoyed this this.really quick fun little peek at Texan SS we’re going to do.something much much much more in-depth.we actually have several things moving.forward I want to do some accuracy.testing some more muzzle velocity.testing with different weight.projectiles I want to get the scuba tank.topped off so we’re actually bringing.this to its potential and it’s by what I happen to have in the.bottle that was in my truck when this.was delivered today I just couldn’t.resist a quick day I’ve having a little.bit of fun with that because it just.came in and I was really excited if you did please click like share us.with your friends in your vast universe subscribe to the channel.if you don’t already both on youtube and.on full30.and make sure that you click notify know when we upload new videos a lot.of people that believe that they’ve.clicked notify and they’re subscribed.are not even getting notifications when.we do upload things so the only way can help us unmute the reach that.that’s out of our control is to go back.there and check make sure that notify is.subscribed visit us over on patreon.the the patrons get to be involved a.little bit more and what we’re doing.over here and man they’ve been an.enormous help for the channel you can.follow us on Instagram and we’re.probably the busiest on the at slash gun test vids.where we have uploads almost every.single day.til next time have fun and be safe.[Music]. 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AirForce Texan SS 457 Air Rifle
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The AirForce Airguns “Texan SS” .457 Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle. It is integrally suppressed but the “suppressor” isn’t regulated or require an NFA overview, since it’s not intended to be used on a “firearm”. The “Texan” isn’t even a “firearm” in itself, because it also doesn’t meet the criteria. That’s a LOT of performance in a VERY convenient package. We will have a complete overview very soon, following this “Just for Fun” introduction.