AirForce Texan Air Gun Helium Experiment – Big Bore .357 Air Rifle, [Applause] so we wrapped up first week of deer season 2017 this week we had a great time all the Turk boys were in the woods with Air Force Texans for the first time ever it’s been a airgun deer camp it’s been pretty awesome so yep I was packing up my gear to go home and open my trunk and I forgot I actually had gotten my one of my carbon fiber tanks filled at my local scuba shop with a hundred percent helium I had been reading on the forums about the potential performance increases of helium and I thought I’d give it a shot and I just didn’t really want to risk it going into the hunting season just because I’d never tested it before but heck since I was packing up and getting ready to go let’s give it a shot and see and see what this helium can do I mean I’ve heard reports that it could potentially increase foot-pounds of energy by a lot and so I wanted to see what it would do so for this test we’re gonna be using the 174 grain high arc Hunter Raptors and again this is out of the three five seven Air Force Texan got the shot all set up got my chronograph all set up and let’s see what it can do so typically these bullets are flying about 880 to 890 feet per second and regular compressed high-pressure air my goal is I’d like to get these flying around a thousand feet per second but we’ll see what this does oh okay that definitely did it that’s over a thousand feet per second [Music] that’s over 1100 feet per second that is definitely that’s getting close to breaking the sound barrier and may it may have because that was a lot louder than normal man I should use this to deer hunt with holy cow alright I’m not sure what the foot-pounds of energy is I’ll have to calculate that later but these 174 grain bullets flying out over all 1,100 feet per second I mean man I should have been using this this I think this is gonna become my new deer hunting air helium Wow okay that’s impressive so I’d call that test of success the Texan seems to handle it just as long as you’re keeping it below 3000 psi which the gun is rated for man as far as feet per second and velocity and this thing is screaming alright well thanks for joining me and wish me luck [Applause] you These WordPress plugins are interesting.
AirForce Texan Air Gun Helium Experiment -  Big Bore .357 Air Rifle
Meet this huge constituent!! The AirForce Texan is SUPER powerful right out of the box, but can you increase foot pounds of energy by 60-70% on your big bore air rifle for $100? Helium may be the answer! I call this the AirForce Texan HE Experiment!

I have been reading about the potential performance increases that helium can have over regular compressed air. I have seen reports of 30% and higher FPS increases which would give significant amount of additional foot pounds of energy at the point of impact on big game. I have also read arguments that the cost of helium isn’t worth the performance increase (it cost $100 to fill my 75 Cubic Foot 4500 PSI tank vs. $10 for Compressed Air). So after this test you will see that increased my FPS from 880 to over 1100 FPS! That game me an additional 200 foot pounds of energy! WOW! I had also read that helium can escape past seals and potentially won’t hold pressure. I tested this in my AirForce Texan .357 and after 24 hours, the helium pressure only dropped a small amount from 3000 PSI to 2950 PSI on my bottle gauge. Not bad at all…. So here is my take on this topic.

There are people out there dropping $500+ on 4500 PSI carbon fiber on-board bottles with extreme valve and heavy spring set ups to get additional power from their guns. Personally – I like to shoot a ton with my gun and like the option that I can shoot it in stock form and get 6-10 shots per fill on regular compressed air regulated at 2900 PSI. My plan is that I will keep the fill bottle of helium separate for when I want that extra power when hunting deer and just shoot stock equipment and HPA for punching paper (and golf balls). BAM! In a later test I got up to 1143 FPS! Increased FPE by 70% for $100!