Airforce Texan 308 Air Rifle Part2 by Mrhollowpoint, hey all you guys out there in hollow-point Lance it’s me mr. hollow-point here to do another shameless video to promote myself my new t-shirts hollow points appear awesome oh and we’re here with the brand new spanking fresh has that new car smell Texan 308 air force is really sweet to send me this test I already did some shooting in the basement get my power levels know where I want to shoot we got eight hollow points are gonna be shooting today we’re going to test it out here at 55 yards over 1000 see end up and I just I’m really loving this I I don’t have a muffler on it yet hence the word yet but I will but at the moment this is fantastic I just want to point out some real sweet features first of all it’s sweet that’s the number one feature what I was really impressed with is it came for testing I got a Air Force scope on it it’s a real sweet 4 by 32 and it has Air Force written right on there I don’t know if you can see this little close up hope they see that Air Force scope Air Force rings and the Air Force beefy man rail to help stiffen and strengthen everything up for you guys that want the bigger and better if you’re like me you need bigger and better as everything else standard with Air Force it’s got the standard opening clubs when it’s open you’ve got the power wheel right here and right now it is set on about 3/4 power so it’s set back towards the bottle ok as a hunter I really don’t care about getting you know 15 20 shots for punching paper I pretty much just want to break both the shoulder blades on the animal let it drop I’m just not into tracking anymore I’m getting too old for this type of stuff as they say one of the things I did notice when I was testing it as if you can see the little tiny gauge on here even with my glasses I’m having a little more difficulty seeing this as the same with the gauge on my bottle I noticed when I’m at 3,000 dead-on at least with my gauges that first shot is little slow it’s almost like I’m getting a little bit of valve lock so right now I’m doing about 2,900 that’s what I’m trying for so the needle is always going to be just on the side of the white line where it says 3,000 I’m not going to be on it and I’m not going to be in the red I’m going to be just under that way I know my first shot is always you know Zippity quick and I’m right there every gauge is slightly different and everybody’s chronograph reads slightly different so the numbers that I’ll be showing later in the video that I got I’ve seen coronagraphs vary up to 30 feet a second so it’s really it’s a rule of thumb something to work with but you really need to chronograph your own gun now we’ve got as I said eight different hollow points we’re going to be working with and from the 68 to the 165 we’re going to test it downrange and anything that doesn’t group well is out of here I’m not about to sell you something that’s not going to group well now grant it because the power wheel is set to the high side that may throw some stuff off as you’ve known with the different 25 and 22 calibers the sometimes too much speed is just going to make that the slug unstable it’s not going to fly but right now since I’m doing a hunting type video we’re set up for power mode so we’re going to see what this does alright and we’ll go through it as we’re going along it’s like I said before this is great I’ve got all the Air Force bells and whistles on here I even got the Air Force cap because it’s fantastic but it wouldn’t be a proper video if I didn’t shamelessly sell my pieces mister hollow-point shirts are available just give me a call so with that let’s get set up okay and hopefully I got enough battery to handle this video all right let’s go guys okay there’s a boring part of the video I’ve been testing here on the old cardboard and I’m going to put the camera down here just so people think that I’m down here what a friggin drill guys punching holes into myself just to make myself look better I don’t need to do that because if I look great Alan long as it is so this is for those naysayers and people that have really big noses okay put this here so don’t shoot the old camera okay alright I’ll be shooting to the 150-gram there to the left hope I don’t break my camera but we’ll try now how do you guys think that I talk just to hear the sound of my own voice well you’re right I do I just love my own voice and when I look at my own pictures I go you’re gorgeous but I do wear these because it is loud and I don’t want to hurt my hearing so I can hear my own voice again sorry said you oh right guys battery’s still working good all right let’s see what we got here all right well so we got four right here and one flier I don’t know why that is I don’t know if that’s the first I have to review the footage to see which ones which which one started the flier but that is that’s not bad and this is going to be the 165 so let’s go back up and turn the camera at a different angle alright guys the 165 tell these babies before you all right so I don’t know if that was five or six I lost count we’ll go down and take a look see but you can see this is not the most steadiest place so I think I really put the good 90-95 success on these slugs but with the shake in at the table and the wobbling and the up-and-down I can only do so much I’m not the greatest shot and I told everybody that but I’m having a great time and I think we got some real good success rate here let’s go check it out whoa I just got myself seasick alright so those the 165 I really don’t know what air force had in mind as in slug weight and speeds but I’m really excited and just has the same kind of with the 357 Texan it seems the way I have it set up it really likes the heavier lead let’s see if we can I see that and I got a bicycle this thing out away we go it’s I got the Sun trying to pass and twigs hit me I hope that’s not too blurry so Oh 165 did some walking I was actually hoping to get a little better out of that that’s the 165 oh if we stretch back I got this $12 lens adapter on here open it it would show better or do a little crisper so what we have is this is the 68 grain the first 5 was here and then the second 5 I wanted to see if 10 how 10 slugs would be and then I just started doing 5 so again this is a nice group we got one flyer this is a nice group we got a flyer the 96 grain again a nice group with one flyer the one tent they seem to be everywhere 125 is one of my most popular bullets in almost every 308 again nice group 1 flyer the 130 it’s even tighter with the 1 flyer and 150 the same thing we got four nice ones and one flyer and the 165 kind of group all the way so I would venture to say the two non Popular’s are two 110 and 165 my two best performers really with three would be 125 130 and the 150 I think these two the 130 and 150 are probably the best and out of the lightweight and it’s hard to say the 86 in the 96 both seems sweet the 68 may tighten up if we drop the speed on it a bit again again I’m just guessing at this point we’ll have to do some more more testing but as it sets the power level is set 3/4 full I guess you’d call it that if that’s a proper term all right guys now we did a whole other set up I turned the power dial forwards towards the barrel and we’re only putting in 2,500 psi and believe it or not the lightweight slugs tightened up so again there’s a lot of options to fine tune your Texan based on whatever bullet you want moving that power dial up or down and working with your air pressure you can really get this thing shooting like a tack driver see if we can see that here I don’t know but I get pictures and show it better so there’s the 165 look at that 165 was a mess at 2,900 psi but at 25 on the lower setting it really tightened up so it’s kind of funny that the 150 was tight and here it’s sloppy the 86 is beautiful excuse me 68 is nice the 86 is a little spread out 96 is loose 110 is shilla mass the 125 130 are still good so these four are good and low and high I’m surprised at the 150 loosened up but then it could be me and the table and the wind the 165 is sweet at 68 in the 165 are my main really sweetened up on the lower power wheel setting and the lower psi all right we’re done for the day I think I still close to 200 slugs through this baby I know [Applause] Wow you know you can get all these [Applause] he shoots he scores Oh easy other way well I started from white 86 125 130 150 165 and then the ones that were still left up I just started cleaning house with the 68 because that’s doing over 1,100 feet a second and that just started knocking – knocking – daylights out of these butts that harder stuff I mean you can see it it just doesn’t open up the way it does like with the 12-gauge so still pretty fun great stuff we’re going to go back and put the rest of this video together then will everyone out there hollow point lands well I’m trying to finish up our 308 Texan movie I gotta admit you know one thing I love about these techs and guns is you really can fine-tune any of the Texans to the slug and the power fill you want to use and that’s one thing I found out today is we were playing around with the different fill levels you know i catched it it you know sighted it at 18 yards then stop that then we went out you know with the setting on high and then 2900 psi and then I rotated the setting to low and then we did 2,500 psi I will take pictures so you can see it better this was my groupings I went from 68 grain all the way to 165 grain this is what I started with just getting cited in at 18 yards then as you see you’ll see in the video this was 55 yards on full power with the power dial and 2900 psi then you see our groupings on high power I was really impressed the 86 train the 125 to 130 really realize kind of a new one just slightly bigger brother in the 125 and to 150 the 110 was goofy the 165 was goofy the 96 and 68 and as you can see the table I was on wobbles it’s hard to say because I don’t have a cement stand you know cement table to set up on where nothing is moving but you just kind of got to do it yourself and you can really dial this in and then when I drop the pressure the 68 tightened up the ae6 tightened up the 96 got sloppy but I was really impressed with the 125 to 130 and then to 165 tightened up I didn’t cronograph this because I didn’t bring the chrony with me everything else you’ll see I’ve Corona graphed on full power 2900 psi you well folks I think we had a great time over at Ed’s we got to test everything out 55 yards we got to see what worked what didn’t work and what worked best and I had a lot of fun playing with the high and low there’s still a lot of fine-tuning and finesse that you can do with this go I’m telling you just just the walls the limit with this you just keep just keep moving this up or down changing your weights changing your fill pressures you can get this thing dialed in perfectly with one bullet for all things a a lot of fun a lot of excitement this is what I’m definitely going to work with this come-come this hunting season I really like the Air Force products you saw the pictures you saw the charts in the first video and you’ve seen the targets that we shot here at the end of this video actually the beginning of the video but we’re showing them in commitment into the end but you see how the grouping changed slightly and I think we got some real good hold on but I have a lot of good feeling about this 308 from Air Force so guys once again I want to thank Air Force for allowing me this chance to play around and do some testing on this I’m really excited so with that guys if you’re looking for a quality product Air Force you got three to choose from your 457 357 and out of the 308 I mean pretty much anything to watch cross across in this North American continent you can take down so until then mr. hollow-point says yeah you My dad says this plugin is unbelievable!!
Airforce Texan 308 Air Rifle Part2 by Mrhollowpoint
I be mad for addons, because they are the magnificent! Ok , here is the accuracy testing on this great rifle.
I really like it a lot and plan on hunting this year with it.