Air Rifle Tutorial Part 1, hi everyone I’m going to be doing a.tutorial videos on a air rifle shooting.which it’s all basically self-taught but.a lot of books magazines watch later’.YouTube videos I’ve done it for around.10 years 15 years maybe since a and then I’ve got my own way of doing.things some things you might not agree.with some things map if you take from this if you take one tip from.this I’ll be glad yeah it’s not you can probably tell and there it’s.not my first time doing videos but I’m going to do it properly this.time if you will a bit more professional.maybe then you’ll have to leave a.comment not sure if you’d agree with a.massive watch this but but today I’m.just going to talk you through my gun.and equipment that I use you don’t spend a fortune you don’t have to buy.a thousand-pound daystate air rifle know about air rifles you’ll know.about that you just need a basic spring.gun to start off with if you can shoot a.spring born accurately then you can just.about you anything.the gun I’m using is a BSA’s the newest model with the gas ramp.instead of a spring supposed to get less.recoil then a spring gun it it’s recoil it’s not like PCP a gas go.and if you Alice it’s still gonna kick.or it’s a good going I mean it’s I was three hundred two hundred and.twenty pounds from read-back in weight field if you know.that a really good shot.young equipment ELYX scopes mounts.reasonable prices.yeah I’ve actually seen the same gun in.a different gun shop for 400 pounds.which is a ripoff really is just a basic.on this is this ideal for a’s not too heavy and hello I’ll this is microRNA some BSA lightning.with the gas ramp which I’ve said a few.modifications that I feel is the strap.just makes it a lot easier if you a long way say it’s carrying it you.don’t really take way of your shoulder.rather than took it in your arms is you.don’t really need it’s not an every gun.but something nice to make it look well the bipod which is just a cheap.bipod for me bath and compared 20 delivery it’s it’s not cracking honest it’s a bit flimsy ball it and it does job really you don’t.need them if you can shoot we out one.then that’s really good just gives you.that bit more confidence if you’re.shooting a rabbit out of a bird and you.can use your bipod gee you know you’re.going to kill it which is probably most.humane thing to do you know your that.shots going to go where you aimed it the.torch or lamp is a lens ax B 7 sorry you.can see that.when he won new I think appeared 70.pounds but I’m sure they’re a lot get them off either on a gun shop.wave the mount there as you can see it.just goes around top of your scope and.then you tighten this clumps to your.Scott basically Universal fit you could.probably fit any torching their long’s not massive mind oh yeah yeah just.our standard the bun the a bit of tip.there I don’t really like that tip but.when you cop with the garnet it gets.very close to bipod so it’s just to stop.any scratches real here I’m going to fit.a neoprene sleeve to that barrel just so.I know I can take it on and off and it’s.not when all the new are stops any gas RAM as I’m sure I’ve said it’s in wear but yeah it’s twelve she.will say eleven point nine it’s been.growing all that it’s brand new so 177.pellets I recommend are a WS superdome’s.of Scott this gone in at 30 yards using.superdome’s I WS yeah another little a use a screw tin wave pellets stops.them from coming up and in your pocket.really it’s just a little how do i.stupid alms don’t come in a screw’s just a push off lid and they in your pocket so I can’t remember.what these are from around I have blows.or something lighten up.just buy it cheap tin of pellets for.linking him back guards and awesome.finish recept end well he was any.pellets you like what these seem to be.accurate from me have used to Mumbai.racks that girls doing every login is 16.and I’ve using them in this BSA a minute so I’m just my preferred.pellet boost it’s entirely up to you do.a little bit of testing see what you.prefer if you need to shoot in try be tempted with pointed are flat.pellets.flathead pellets because the idly.ever-growing same spot twice good fella.Charlene shorten wrap shorten it 10.yards something like that but.superdome’s you’re 177 you feel killer.40 yards inside the peloton even under.the palace as well and in the lid an old t-shirt a pair of socks some.old pants whatever you like quite up and.lying you tin just super glue line you.tin and then still makes a little bit of.noise in your pocket but it’s not that.metallic sound you can buy pellet.pouches and things like that but that.didn’t cost anything I’m sure you’ve got.some gluing out and I’m sure you’ve got.some holy socks just a little tip an.alternative to using a bipod its jewels.these bags get more you these from advection supplies it I.think 25 pounds of it like that it’s a.little one it back as well look cold.well never a denim to be honest you can.fill them with like little silicon balls.or I filled these were just beanbag.beans and from Argos it’s 15 quid but a.really big bug it was less than a fill these two just got make sure you.put blending in when you think it’s full.keep ornament there pretty sturdy.actually there.yeah as a sir just an alternative to a.bipod but I suppose the combined cost is.more than – to achieve by butter it’s up to you about these first.just couldn’t attack fuel shocks we’re.good you can hear if you can hear it what.spring wind sounds like and then I’ll.put camera but yards away and’ll see you up gun sounds like’ll be surprised how quiet it when you’re not sat for your ear spring or gas ramming this I’ll just fire a few shots in there I.try to edit it so I start to just.another thing whatever good new I’ve got.are you planning on buying it we’ll have.a safe to catch this gone it’s a capsule buck is safe forward its back he’ll not even letting.walk triggered at all if it’s’ve got a little bit of play to.trigger its tool station trigger which.means back a little bit and then next.bull will fire I know of Iraq guns.spring guns at least they have an.automatic safety so you’ll cock it and.their safety is automatically on but try.and get into a bit putting your safety.on until you need to fire then then.there’s no accident I want to show and like it’s happened to me and it’’s not nice so easy full of shots.with safety off.this might be a little bit violent but a.vehicle flu shots from where I wore where my target aerialist and then I.don’t know if it’s going to wear with.wind nice book see scania here the I should probably add odd in here.awfully is that cannot really be gun.firing off is that word of it.let’s just hear that little tiny sound.with belly in wind and then you don’t need to grab the top buying.silences the but I would sell them close if you want one cat one but is.we’re going to score pin fire me videos from my zero you gonna’s a yeah my silencer problem to takes away some power extends your.barrel so you’ll need to make a don’t want to really take in sound I.will keep your development silent.because Springs non-stop maximize fifth as your head and.yes a summer feeling like Illinois so.this is tutorials.doesn’t you to kind of get it message.that you don’t have to spend a fortune.on guns obviously come on clothing G.jacket vibe from a market stall DPM.trousers 5mm say market style bands on the tools if you need to’s my that’s harder than it looks.they’re from Windsors famous cheap pretty good in mud finger back a.quid can spend a hundred pound on boats.if if you want but we’re doing this on a.budget showing you it come on down to.this tutorial will there do some I’ll show you a delicious corpse get you gunfire in your crosshairs.appointed I’ll explain scoffs and things that I don’t use the mail dot.Scott.outside anywhere will do that it’s less.windy.hopefully my watch going to be longer.I’m constantly a wind and not me thanks.for watching this time and next time any.comments slugging off my accent that I should write down before I then that’s fine by me but any one I can a potato for you I something and show you’re right.where’s wrong ways it’s all up to you.just leave a comment try and leave if you can and subscribe and you’ll.see when our new videos come on.I’m not going to disappear it video and done I promise you that.just to help me get some likes and it goes and thanks for watching.thank you I’m Andy I’ll see you next.time. 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Air Rifle Tutorial Part 1
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BSA lightning GRT
11.9 FT lbs
0.177 cal

RWS superdome pellets

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