Air Rifle Squirrel Hunting, hey guys getting ready to go out and do some small game hunting with my air rifle this is early season a lot of leave sound of trees so it’s probably not going to be any serious squirrel hunting but it is a good opportunity to get out in the woods and do some scouting for deer and well mainly do some scouting for deer but I haven’t had my rifle out so the first thing I do you know safety first make sure the barrels free of obstructions [Applause] [Music] I don’t know if you can find these anymore guys but I stocked up and this is my favorite pellet for hunting 10.5 green so it’s fairly heavy pellet for a 177 Cal and definitely works very accurate out to long ranges and it also retains energy out to long ranges I can shoot 40 50 yards with this air rifle no problem I know everybody has their own personal preference but I like these round nosed pellets I think they travel straighter and for small game hunting I think the round nose is best but I’ll take and put a few of these in my shirt pocket you know just 10 or 20s all I need for a day out probably don’t even need that many but this way you know they’re right there in my pocket I can quickly just grab one and reload you know I’m not fumbling around trying to open a container or anything and that’s the point [Music] hi guys so you’re sitting here on this oak stump I haven’t seen anything yet but I’m seeing a lot of sign there’s a lot of cut acorns and I can hear them cutting too I mean if it’s a if it’s a column day and you get out in the woods and you’re nice and quiet you can even if the squirrels aren’t chirping you can hear the acorns falling off in the distance and uh you’ll know that they’re over there cutting that’s kind of nice you know if you know your wild edibles a lot of the same things that we go out and forage for are the same foods that the squirrels and deer and stuff tn I’m for food as well so if you know when those are fruiting then you can kind of narrow down your search a little bit because these woods are quite big and you know sometimes the squirrels aren’t even in the woods maybe they’re out in the field to eat and on the autumn eyeless so it’s kind of good to know your trees and shrubs and plants if for nothing else for the purpose of hunting to be able to narrow down the place you’re searching and be able to find game [Music] now you guys if you’ve watched any of my hunting videos usually you see me I’m on the side of the road or on a little trail in the woods and you know where I’m at in Michigan there’s trails everywhere most of them are human trails but a lot of those trails started out as deer runs and you know I’m talking so right now I’m being too noisy for hunting but if I was seriously hunting you know staying on these trails makes hunting a lot easier because if you’re walking through that thick brush stepping on leaves and twigs you’re gonna have a hard time seeing anything you know you need to stick to the trails whether that be deer runs or you know up in Alaska I don’t know maybe moose runs or bear runs I have no idea but there’s always trails in the woods it could be a trail that a fox or a coyote uses you never know how but we stick to those trails and those animals when it comes to slipping through the woods they they kind of know a little bit more than us about it and they follow the right path to keep themselves concealed and to stay silent so they’re not spotted or if they’re predators so they can sneak up on game but I figured I just mentioned that you know hunting is it’s a lot about sitting still and being quiet and there’s not a you know depending on the type of hunting you’re doing all right huh it’s not much about moving or walking through the woods it’s more about keying in on a food source and setting up or stalking within that area and being as quiet and motionless as possible so what I’m gonna do is head back in the woods here I can hear the squirrels cutting off over there so there’s probably some good acorns coming in and I’ll just set up against one of these big oak or Hickory trees and just wait for them to come out again guys you know I don’t know what it’s like were you huh or where you live but here in Michigan the oak or the eight corners you know the number one food crop for all of this wildlife scrolls and deer but you can depend on a corns from summer right through late fall but once it starts getting late follow those eight corns become few and far between because the deer and squirrel they’ve already cleaned them out and that’s just another way if you’re a little more in tune with the woods you know you can cue in on these animals and find out where they are because there’s times I’ll come out here in this oak woods and there won’t be a single squirrel here and that’s because they’ve already cleaned out the acorns and they’ve moved on to something else you know in the wintertime I get a lot of my squirrels in the open fields where the autumn olive grows because those autumn I love berries stay on a tree right into the winter and it becomes one of the only good food sources for a lot of animals including wild turkeys you know in August it would be hazelnuts in early September our squirrel season is closed but it would be the black cherry you know which is right here behind me but they’ve already cleaned out all those black cherries and then once season kicks in like this it’s the hickories the beech nuts and the acorns and there’s other trees too but you know it just depends on the woods you live where you live one spot I go which isn’t very far from here there’s a lot of gray and red squirrels in there and they seem to like eaten those tulip poplar seeds so I’ll sit around set up near the tulip poplars and usually uh once the beech nuts are all gone it seems like there’s still some of those tulip poplar seed heads or whatever they are in there and some squirrels will be focusing in on those and I can usually get a couple but I’m being a little too noisy today you know whenever I take the camera out it’s kind of hard to do any real serious hunting because for one I got the gear with me which is kind of noisy clunking around in my bag and stuff and for two you know I spend my time talking to the camera and the squirrels can hear that it’s just like these pellets you know that’s big part of the reason I stick a few in my pocket because I know I used to use a little pill bottle or something like that to store them in as you’re walking through the woods that those pellets rattle rattle around in that pill bottle squirrels and stuff can hear that even though it might not seem loud to you it’s it’s loud to them they can hear a lot better than awesome they can distinguish on natural noises better than us too so it’s best to keep your clothes and your ear as quiet as possible that’s why well that’s one of the reasons wool is so popular for one it doesn’t get it’s not as bad when it gets wet but really the main reason wool was popular for hunting this because it’s silent it’s really soft and fuzzy on the outside and you can slip through the woods undetected okay well and being too noisy not seeing anything I told you guys I hunt those trails and and I’ll even hunt roadsides as long as there’s you know adjacent state land that’s perfectly legal here in Michigan but you got to use common sense with that you know if you’re hunting trails or if you’re hunting along the roadside you don’t want to be hunting your houses in Michigan you’re supposed to stay 450 feet away from any dwelling any building and even with my air rifle you know I that rule because you know a lot of people think these air rifles well they’re not going to kill anybody but the modern air rifles are powerful enough that if you accidentally shot somebody it would definitely you don’t kill them or hurt them so you got to be careful and if you’re hunting on trails or roadsides you know you got to keep in mind that somebody could come walking up that trail so if a deer or squirrel runs in front of you you always have to make sure what’s behind your target you know I always try to emphasize safety in my hunting videos you know it’s for some people it’s a lame subject but I think it’s important and you know just because you’re being safe doesn’t mean you can’t have fun I get over there and sit down [Music] [Music] well guys hope you enjoyed that you know this is what a lot of hunting is about to me really just getting out and enjoying the outdoors that’s uh not necessarily about killing stuff although it is nice to catch something and get some food but for me it’s really just about getting out and having fun enjoying the time in the woods anyway hope you like that and thanks for watching thanks for comments support These plugins are nice!
Air Rifle Squirrel Hunting
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