Air Rifle Shooting Tips, hey how’s it going guys this is the handy dandy gamma bull Whisperer that I’ve made several videos with and what I’d like to discuss today is my particular spring or hold technique and how it shoots Springer rifles hope you enjoy ok guys now the first thing I’d like to confess to this the fact that I’m not a spring or expert but occasionally I do shoot some good groups and I’ll let you in on a few of the tips and techniques that have helped me especially the one biggie the dumbass approach I’ll explain this second all right now something that’s helped me a lot with Springer’s is the fact that this bag right here is not completely full and if you look you can see this thing will slide very easily which means it also slides this way so it lets it do a little more of the quote free recalling which seems to help with some of my groups now if I fill this bag all the way and it starts putting pressure on the sides of the fore end my groups go down so I’ll leave mine about half full hey like it does coming in there ok now I’m my rear bag it’s actually pretty full at the bottom of it is the ears I’ll leave a little slack in and I don’t put any type of powder anything in them because eventually that powder just turns into a paste so I’ll leave it like this so that the gun can slide quite easily on it okay guys now here’s a look at the front of the four end as you’ll see when the gun fires it recalls very easily as you can tell by that last shot there’s nothing binding on this so the gun is able to just move the way it’s normally gonna move basically the equivalent of the dreaded artillery hold only are able to do this with therest okay now let me show you a few shots of how the gun moves in the rear rest as I shoot okay now as you can see it actually slides pretty easily on this so I’m able to get a good risk on the front a good rest on the back and still get some stability instead of holding the gun in my hand which I forget night okay guys I’ve showed you how my rest is set up I normally run the front bag about half way fool for the Springer’s and then on the rear I have it really full so it’ll slide easy if you do the front bag too full it can press on the sides of the forend and keep it from recalling which I don’t like I want to be able to shoot some decent groups but I don’t want something I have to hold really odd and hold the grip a certain way and do this and do that I just want to be able to aim it and shoot it so here’s the way that I found that works best for me okay first off I’m a dumbass it’s just that simple I didn’t do good in school didn’t do much better or anywhere else I’m kind of a moron but because I’m a moron when I was first talked to she basically sit down Sears the gun there’s the target aim at the center squeeze the trigger okay so that’s what I did and I just practiced doing that without thinking about a lot the benefit to being a dumbass is this really smart guys overanalyze things they read too much they heard this from this guy they saw this on this forum they saw this on this video if you want to get good with air rifles my best advice get you some good pellets get you a good solid mount get you as good a scope as you can afford keep it clean and get you a good rest to shoot off up a good table and practice get your ass out there and cock the gun and sheet it you’re not gonna get any better sitting around looking at videos and practicing online the only way to get better at this is to actually shoot now now that you’re trying to get better you also don’t want to do something that is so unnatural that you can’t enjoy doing it if you have to shoot from a bench in such an awkward weird way that you’re incapable of hitting something the size of a squirrel about 20 yards to hell good is it you want to be able to do something that’s natural for you so here’s what I did okay now when I’m shooting my gun I try to sit the fore-end in the same area rearward and frontward in the rest so it’s resting pretty much in the same area I also try to pick a place that’s gonna be where would hold my hand if I was actually shooting this thing at game especially if it’s a gun that I’m anticipating hunting with in the rear the bag holds the gun and lets it slide so all I really have to do is hold the grip now this is where guys get all wrapped up in this artillery hold how much tension how much pressure do I wrap it with my thumb do I put everything wrong do I leave this finger off do it do this do it do that quit thinking about that shit I’m a dumbass I don’t have to think about it I just rice the damn thing up aim it to center and I pull the trigger and I think that worked best for most everybody now don’t get me wrong there are incredibly hard kick in Magnum sprinters out there but that won’t work for but for most guys just a normal hold of work and here’s a few examples if you need an idea of how you should be holding the grip here’s some examples that I’ve heard guys say and some that I’ve told other guys I think might help you okay hold the gun like you were shaking hands with a lady that’s a good way to approach it it’s nice and light and repeatable hold the gun like you were holding a flaccid penis trying to make a video hold the gun as if you were trying to crunch a junebug in your hand hold the gun like you’re holding a box of tampons that you promised you would pick up for your wife on the way home from work hold the gun is if you just picked a porcupine out by the tail hold the gun like you were shaking off your friend at the urinal next to you hold it like that with that amount of tension hold the gun as if it’s covered in razor water hold the gun like you would hold the throat of a hooker hood cheated you out of your money hold the gun like you would hold a wallet that you found lying on the ground hold the gun like who would hold a baby bird that you haven’t decided whether or not to show someone or just pitched over the fence hold the gun like it’s an infected big toe [Music] okay guys I hope those tips helped you like I say try not to overthink what you’re doing when you’re shooting a gun fala guns are supposed to be fun go out there cock the damn thing put some pellets in it aim and pulled the trigger it literally is that simple some of the best shooters that I know are dumb as a box of hair but the fact the matter is they didn’t have to unlearn all this shit they don’t have a thousand things going through their head when they’re up there shooting so my advice would be if you’re that if you’re a Type A personality and you want to know how things tick and you get all wrapped up in that kind of thing when you go out to shoot bring in a nice glass of bourbon and sip on it while you shoot believe me after a while you’ll start dumbing down and you’ll be able to shoot and just enjoy being outdoors drink you a wine cooler if your skirt blows that way and if that’s your thing get your little wine cooler put your little umbrella in it and just enjoy the day it’ll be great guys thanks for watching my videos I sincerely appreciate it if you don’t mind like and subscribe and I’ve got some more coming [Music] This is one nice module!!
Air Rifle Shooting Tips
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