Air Rifle Review Walmart Airguns, [Music].[Applause].[Music].guys this is gonna be my video about the.air guns of Walmart.alright guys a couple of things before.we start for whatever reason there’s.people out there they don’t want to own.up just shopping at Walmart like it’s.not cool it’s like guys that don’t own up to soliciting a prostitute you.know you’re doing it go ahead and own’s not that big a deal.owning up to it it’s a mainly you can comment and say yes’re right I’m in too mixed midgets.nobody’s gonna get mad at’re looking for a chick with one arm.guys get it we’re all in the same boat.together here guys.most of us started out with them airgun.for Walmart to be honest so here’s some.of the guns that they have my thoughts.on a few of them I’ve owned almost all.of them and I hope y’all enjoyed okay guys here’s the sporting.goods section the Walmart end of today now a gun like this Crossman a perfect example of getting every.dollars worth when you buy a gun like.this these things work great you don’t.need all the upgrades in the extra power.they’re not gonna shoot as rated but.they’re a good value now here’s a.perfect example of somebody asking a do too much for what it’s actually.priced at to ask a gun at this price.range to be able to change barrels shoot.accurate and be dependable it’s just.asking a hell of a lot too much these.guns don’t shoot very well they do.interchange barrels.other than that they don’t really have.any redeeming qualities.all right there’s a perfect example of.the big-name companies slapping and logo on something in just a.blatant money crab Ruger didn’t make.this damn thing.they’re just cashing in on their name on.another piece of crap BB gun my personal.opinion but that’s the way it okay now here’s a gun that I think.its main redeeming quality is the fact.that it’s got kind of a tricked-out.stock yeah it’s cool that tactical.looking but it’s just another average.air gun it’s not going to shoot 1,400.feet per second you forget that shit.okay I would avoid this damn thing ugly midget there’s just something.about it just screams cheap as hell.there was one laying outside the box.when I picked it up it rattled like a.sack of rocks there was nothing about.this that I liked nothing about it.seemed appealing and I would just stay.the hell away from it let’s see here’s a.nice little inexpensive bright barrel.for a pair of bronze comes with little.scope it’s got open sights on it I can’t.see anything that could be bad about.this like I said like the rest it’s not.gonna be as fast as I say but I can’t.see anyway this could be a loser I had.the exact same gun packaged a different.way I really liked it all right here’s.another fairly priced gun I’ve had.several of the Gamo break barrels and.they’re actually getting a lot of gun.for the money when you stay on the lower.end of a mess they go up in price I.don’t think you get as much value but.this right here is a nice gun you can.rely on in and/or probably pretty.accurate money well-spent.[Music].all right now here’s a different take on.a proven platform by gamo this swarm.maxim has a clip and it’ll load ten.shots at a time I’ve looked at it in.person never personally owned it the.damn thing was pretty dinky to me it.just strikes me as something that’s.going to break could be wrong could last.freaking forever.I don’t know but me personally I don’t.think I would spend my money on this.alright now here’s a real solid value.this is the kind of stuff when I hear.people come in about the big box stores.that their stuff in any good they don’t.have any idea what the hell is going the real world this is a pretty damn.nice era guy I’ve shot these things.they’re accurate they’re quiet they.don’t kick super hard there are nice gun.alright and just show they have a sense.of humor Ruger side to throw their name.on a Woodstock 22 also another one of.those just a blatant cash grab and these.are not very good guns okay now here’s.Walmart’s big 22 caliber heavy hitter me.personally if you’re going to spend.basically $250 out the door spend 50.more dollars look around on pyramid air.pick up a die-in 234 something along.those lines it’s at least twice as get a lot more enjoyment out of it.and it’s money well-spent okay and.Walmart’s got a pretty decent selection.of Crossman pellets but if you’re the PBA pellets or the Gamo pellets.they suck so bad it’s like having a.vacuum cleaner hooked up to your wallet.turned on high and at the same time.being fisted by somebody with a hand the.size of a basketball it feels that good.when you get home and try these things.try to stay away from that kind of.pellet the dayz pointed pellets I did an.entire video devoted to how badly these.things suck.stay away from them they’re only three.bucks but you can might better just.taking $3.00 and flushing it down your.own toilet at least you can watch it go.down the swirl which be kind of cool.okay while your Walmart here’s one of.the worst purchases you can make scopes.that come in a blister pack that’s like.buying hamburger meat in a chub you.can’t see through you already’re in trouble before you ever buy it.all right when you leave out of there didn’t get targets at your own.downfall they got a pretty damn good.selection I’ll give them credit guys.hope you enjoyed the video there’s a.couple things I wanted to add’re buying a gun from somewhere like.Walmart Gander Mountain Academy this bear in mind that the more.power that you put on a spring piston.gun nitro piston rather generally a.little less accuracy so decide what you.want if you want something that you can.martyr the hell out of a cone in the top.of the tree get a powerful 22’re gonna get up a little accuracy.but you get a lot more power if you’ me more interested in just sitting.out in the backyard playing in and.having fun get a 177 with a less doesn’t go through pellets but as.quickly doesn’t go through the target is.bad and bear in mind that the estimates.they give on the feet per second are.wildly exaggerated think if you were to.tell the woman the size of your much you would exaggerate it that’ much that FPS is exaggerated guys I.hope you enjoyed the video thanks for.[Music]. 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Air Rifle Review Walmart Airguns
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