Air Rifle – “On them in 3 seconds”, you.okay let’s get right to it.we’re on one of the farms I’m testing.out some news on red pellets so my.customers I actually do some work for.rather us not to use light so I’m trying.this out man these things are working.really really well.this video is mostly designed for.showing you how to get on the bird.within three seconds and this is just.proof to show you that it capable of.being done the seeds that we should air.are this one life it is about half of.these I’d normally do that I’m fixing.the camera in one area you will hear.been my shooting partner for the day on.the right-hand side of the camera in the.background you’re here I’m shooting and.birds actually dropping so for it beside.we shooting in the same direction as.also and you’ll see that my focal point.of shooting is actually in the top.portion of the dead limbs and to the log.base of the tree so you won’t actually.see birds dropping but just think I’m.actually shooting that birds in here I’m.not necessarily missing I’m correct I.think I missed four times out of that shot out of this video any.which way these pelts are really well I.mean to performing really well but what.I did find out I had to do was drop the.pressure from 250 bar down to 150 bar.just so that they weren’t coming so hot.out of a you don’t hear that loud smack normally hear from my rifle oh really actually unique because I.actually had to figure out that by.holdover what.because of that pressure but I’m man I got on the bird like I said it.seems it lands within three to five.seconds I was on the bird with a lethal.shot it’s very easy to do if you.practice I found that it’s actually.easier after you shoot with both it’s a little bit harder if you.don’t my shooting partner Ben is by thinking he could get a lot.faster if he needs a technique.simplifies open because your dominant.eye which is actually used to look down.the scope is the one that you’re.actually getting on the bird with’re using your non-dominant eye to.scope and actually hunt for the bird and so forth and then you get jump.right’re really switching eyes it’s a neat.technique but it really really works’ll see here.remember I was talking about that lemon.coaching well in this video I think.there’s like seven where they right within the pages of the last.Birds before so I kind of market so you.can kind of see what I was talking about.anything if you ever noticed that first.tend to land in the into the wind as you.can see these guys are facing where the.wind is actually bellowing mostly shots.are back chocolates they’re one of my.favorites you.very legals barely so when you can get a.chance you can always dictate and see.many ways going just by walking for you see how fast the bird landed fast the gods the birds under three.seconds um that’s how we try to infer wonder how we can get the numbers as.we do within 140 150 several hours ago.computing at this being with accuracy.very quickly.okay I decided to go to the left hand.side of the tree.just because the right hand side is kind.of getting a little bit slow for me.and I wanted to keep up my rhythm as that you can see I took my pine wood.most people think is a little bit but once again if you can give that.skill of gaining accuracy and get to the.point of getting shot off and be a.lethal shot at that speed to me that’s.fine it’s definitely ethical as’s just a skill set that you know we.practice a little more than algorithm.quarterback goes very hard dates with.these non lead pellets I didn’t think.they were going to do or perform the way.they did the way to work a little bit of.attention here for our echoes because.there’s 19 grain which is super light.for 25 caliber like said they were going.over a thousand to per second at 250 bar.full you know full charge right sorry to.knock that down so I can get that feet.per second a little bit slower with less.they’re going through there these words.were very fidgety today because of the.wind so that’s why I was very important.when we can play on the bird soon as.they landed so like Paris in three to.five seconds I moved from the South.portion where I was shooting earlier to.are just to get back on that right side.of’re 69 yards from here.I figured I could get better shots.because the day was starting to get over.this is a great place to be able to hide.under this canopy as you can yard good.job.well once again thanks again for.watching I really appreciate it we’ll.catch in the next video. My dad says this plugin is smart!
Air Rifle -
This is the elegant plug-in ever%sentence_ending Air rifle hunting and shooting:
Ok this video is about the mixing speed and accuracy, getting on your target and taking that lethal shot with in 3 seconds of the bird landing and then getting on the new target with in 3 seconds also.. Its a skill set that takes some time and tons of practice. I’m testing out some non lead pellets. The performance shocked me at the 69 yard range…I finished with 124 and Ben with 149 Eurasian Collared doves.