Air Rifle Myths: Episode 3 Spring damage, hello everyone I keep getting comments about this I thought I’d do a video on it and also because the people like those air rifle mix videos even though they weren’t that well done I thought I’m making you one for you and this is can lightweight pellets break an air gun and the answer is yes and no so we’ll go into it basically with how an air gun works this is only for spring Pistons and gas Rams is that you either break the barrel or have an under lemur unbeliever you basically put that down like that the leverage compresses a spring or a gas piston inside the air rifle to will end and then when you release the trigger that you know releases it and it pushes you know forces air quickly into a compression chamber essentially or it’s already you know compressed behind the spring and then releases it down the barrel and the reason why drive powering can damage an air gun is if you imagine you have a spring or a piston under tension when you shoot a pellet that acts as a force against the spring going back as quickly because there’s air resistance well if that’s not there and it just goes straight down the barrel the spring or the piston will slam back to one side and that can obviously damage it after repeated you know it slamming into one side because it’s hitting it fast and it would if there was a pellet there so that logic is used by a lot of people to say if you shoot a lightweight pellet and that can also damage the air gun because there’s not enough air resistance behind it and that’s true not true firstly because all the pellets people who have been saying it’ll damage the air gun and the Prometheus pellets I’ve got just over two moves up for you I flipped things open there you these lightweight so people saying I can damage ragam of these right is it to like action more I would I’ve been researching this and apparently it’s if a pellet is below seven grains that’s when you run a risk of causing long-term damage to the air gun with weight resistance and everything like that however these are about 12 grams the 177 of these are still over seven grams so as long as your air gun isn’t complete crap these aren’t going to break your egg on possessed too heavy you know not causing a fair resistance and I’ve shot a lot of these never had an issue and say with these these are cheap and cheerful pellets I wouldn’t expect good accuracy out of them they’re also very lightweight as you can see they’re very small LED pellets so yeah people have said a similar thing of these these are lightweight no damage Oregon well no because these are 14 grams and a 177 is still above you know seven grains so no it won’t damage your a gun as long as you have a company completely built air gun and apparently it’s gone oh that deserves a lot of credit because gamma air guns are designed of an anti dry fire resistance so that you know you can dry fire the egg and at least a thousand times apparently during its lifetime before you start to damage internals so even if you’ve somehow a pellet that was less than seven grains and I personally don’t know anything lighter than dramatic scallops if you had an air gun that was you know shooting something that was glow 7 grains you’d still get over a thousand shots of that before you might start damaging components inside the air gun because gamma have a system where even when there’s no no resistance to the stuff smashing back on the air gun it still cushions it to prevent the system from breaking so and I’ve heard as air guns have gone on in time you know Drive fire resistance is better so say something like this Crossman which I bought back in 2011-2012 I think is January 2012 like I’ve not taken great carries I’ll be honest because I’m not a massive air gun enthusiast basically like I like air guns I like crossbows I like you know normal bows so I spread you know what I can afford on things around different areas I don’t all spend on air guns that’s why I don’t have a really nice you know pcp air gun because I wouldn’t get the use out of it because I don’t actually go to a shooting club or anything I’m just in the garden so a brake barrel for me is fine and the gas RAM is a bit better than Springer in a lot of ways so are the gas RAM but yeah getting back to the point is that I don’t take particular care of his air gun and it’s lasted me yeah as bits where the woods a bit chip so that mattress is a little bit there where you know it’s just been knocks about a bit and I will also clean it every now and again but I don’t clean it as much as people who are massive a gun enthusiast would and I put pellets like this for it where if you’re big a gun enthusiast you wouldn’t do that but I don’t care because when this air gun breaks I’ll just buy another one and I’ve been looking into sort of just buying a really cheap Springer just to see how they compare because a few of my friends have got really cheap SMK Springer’s and they actually you know get on five of them so I was thinking maybe getting a BSA Springer but that’s beside the point anyway the point is the with a decently made Springer or under leave or gas tram whatever doesn’t merit brake barrel under leaver you will not damage the airgun by shooting lightweight pellets because it seems every lightweight pellet is still over seven grains I mean maybe our exceptions that I haven’t found them yet that lots of these air guns still have a decent anti dry fire resistance meaning you could dry fire the gun loads and loads and over times you’d have to keep doing it over and over and over again before you’re damaged anything inside so no simply using light pellets is not going to damage or a gun unless you put a really crap ergo you This is another clever module!!
Air Rifle Myths: Episode 3 Spring damage
Meet this clever component. The long awaited return to the air rifle myths videos. Does dry-firing or shooting light weight pellets through a springer or Gas-ram air rifle damage the internals of the air gun.
This applies to both under-lever and break barrel gas-rams and springer air guns.

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