Air Rifle Hunting, Wood Pigeon Decoying Over Stubble Two, 9 Sept 2010, well I’m gonna try another day at the pigeon decoy I’m looking for a nice place to put my head here and up against this back head you’ll do nicely I’ve got the hate belt and I’m gonna get my rifle and the pellets out and then to the head and get the decoys set hopefully usually late to set my furthest decoy out about 25 30 yards depends how brizia is at the time that’s not long to attract some attention but I think this is a rock dove someone allah-allah one lave Bertil act like a good decoy anyway I get an opportunity that’s birdies about 20 yards to the left and I think I’m palette hits a stalk of grass in front of the Mosel there and I’m vote ready to go home after messin that’s magpie I think he just ducks he’s head hmm as I squeeze the trigger off you can see the birds are quite nervous here there’s been a lot of shotgun shooting over these fields and they’re very fidgety not giving me much time to get a camera on them and gas short out them but with a better patience finally get an opportunity here at about 25 yards to my right that’s a young looking bird it hasn’t got a sweet neck bars on yet I think I can’t hit your birds usually roll around like that when they get ahead show up you can see the heads quite limp so steak I might as a decoy after a while I get some more attention that’s birds about 30 yards away Bing sees quite suspicious he’s got his head straight stopping the white neck bars have shown quite broad there’s a saying a danger he holds his head stand off and get a shot off bangle so I set him up as a decoy as well hate must be rating localized here is a smoggy just doesn’t see me so I decide to how about a fun with him he’s very late make out at home start together a few mouse squeaks he’s interested here he comes he’s only a bit a yard and a half away from the feet I’m a bad boy yeah but we were more you wantem ask my base again after that mess of that Mike pay earlier these braces not wanting to come any closer and let’s get we’re about about 120 yards away this bird lands with 20 yards to the left I don’t know what happened but I just put the pallet high over the top of I should be putting them easy shorts away that’s great buy a crew lounge but he’s a good 50 yards plus I’d want our that closer than that yeah we back Fujian away just doesn’t Leighton the look at the decoy spread and us birds land well it arranged and I’ve been watching them for the last 10 minutes or so he’s finally walked under angels about 40 yards away given we buy elevation and a we back for the breeze and I get my clean head shot another birthday lessons about 35 yards away should have had the show-off there institution about the camera but patience I’m golden just in the back of the head there’s not much now breeze the day but as affecting the palates I bet maybe up to a quarter of an inch about 35 yards which is enough to mess up a Jinnah and the head at times nice Birds of the thirty yards away stumbles quite short here you could have gone for a heart shot but I just prefer the head shot listens quite interesting too short thought the mast and then the bird drops to date the sky again and I realized that the palette hadn’t travel through the birds brain but moved about a quarter inch to the left and gone through us through a Kellan’s short but not quite enough so I put a second short enter to finish it off this is the only bird of prey in this day thankfully Isis closes it Kim now if you’re gonna set safe sex ours in the hade your best tech is something to eat with you but please please take your elvish home with you I’ve seen too many masses of africaine they’re responsible edge ensures you have no respect for the ownership of the grain or the countryside they shouldn’t well just the five birds but I’m only using a pellet gun right but and they stay any how I be crazy about plugins, because they are nice!
Air Rifle Hunting,  Wood Pigeon Decoying Over Stubble Two, 9 Sept 2010
These add-ons are quite elegant!! This is another hunt decoying wood pigeons over stubble fields, which i filmed some weeks ago.