Air Rifle Hunting, Spring Powered Magpie Hunt, so this hunt also started back in late.autumn when myself and the wife were.taking we stroll up the road we noticed.a lot of Magpies mooching around the.fields close to a local farm where I’ permission to shoot over so I made a.mental note that the next time I was and the weather was suitable that I.would come up and set the height up and.hopefully get one or two so as you can.see I’ve got a lot of pot well paid I.use quite often hang it’s called the.bush chair hade and I’ve set up in a.fairly overgrown corner of the field and.then I take a camouflage net and wrap it.around it that’s one of the old deer.Burnett’s has sort of got an autumn.theme – I suppose I don’t know what it why it has a weight straight.down it I don’t know maybe it was a.second I bought as it was at a game fair.enough Kim fairly cheap always take about a spray paint or something.and try and get rid of that way laying.down the base of it seems to work’s a just use it to sort of break the.hade up and make it look one bag that with the hade open all I left the box.of pellets and a few energy bars and.kiss I get peckish and then left the.rifle and put it into the head now I.usually use a PC part BSA super ten and.point to two caliber for that sort of.thing but today I had to set it to left.the spring part HW in 87 and 177 so hop.enough with the hade I decided to set.the be a code I usually set the v8 for.that sort of thing at about 25 the stick gets just really a plus segment tick short or two.yadda to check the zero there a usual maybe it as a dead rabbit just.split open and set out looking as if the.sovereign has killed it during the night.and left that laying nice if I can find.a pocket I’m hoping that the beer that sale is.good enough to attract the mag pays down.and I head back to the hade I get the.shooting sticks set up and of course the.rifle loaded know the haters let’s say.not on the bag side.that’s quite snug when you get set up.and it works quite well wear PCP because.all you have to do is work the ball to.cock the gun but the spring part gun you.need a wee bit more room to get the.barrel or the under lever and that’s.kiss cocked and the gun load it and then.push back out through the front of the.head again so I’ll burn arresting to their schools now to use the spring.parade air rifle with the shooting.stacks I don’t actually shoot the the shooting sticks instead before I.go to take a short I left the rifle off.the shooting sticks and wedge from a.forward hand and between the way of the.shooting sticks and the bottom of the.rifle so the rifle is actually setting.on something soft instead of the hard.shooting sticks and that seems to no zero shaft at all and works quite.well for I’m all set up and the waiting begins.and as you can see I got a lot of bored.and took a shot at the stack just to.make sure everyone was zeroed but.nothing appeared for over an hour so I.decided to left the dead magpie that I.had brought with me for a decoy and out into the field to see if that.would help encourage the Magpies because.I could see them in the distance two.three hundred yards away but nothing.seemed to be under a stood in the dead.rabbit so you guessed it within about.fifteen minutes.the first magpie arrived but he came.down so quietly that I never even.noticed he was there until he opened his.mouth and started making a racket but by.the time I got the rifle open onto my.shoulder he was quite fidgety and before.long he does appear before I ever got a.shot off so another 10 minutes later.some more birds arrived and the scene flattened back and forth over the top.of the decoy but nothing seemed to be.let say baiting the bullet in London.where I can get a short Adam.finally the birds seem to be calming.down and stand down long enough for me.both to get the camera on the rifle on.them but they were quite agitated at the.sight of the other Magpies set up the.decoy.but my patience paid off and I put the.first bird in the bag we’re short to the.back of the head.of course I sent the rest of the Scott run all over the place making.the delicate process of trying to draw.the rifle back under the head and.coconut again and such a confined space.but I managed to do it I was worried the.whole process might give me presents.away to the mag page but a workday or.eight an again thankfully it wasn’t too.long to the mag page got their courage.up again and started to come back.reminds the deck a second one again when.our headshot I might have my.reservations about 177 will hurt shorts.and birds but that definitely drops problem at all where headshot.amazed – weeds the under leaver up.against Maffei to make sure it was while a lord at the pallet and to.the breach after a while this Buzzard.looked as effort was going to calm down.and left my decoy but seemed to change.its Mane at the last minute for some.reason and must been half an hour more.before another magpie arrived.I had to give him a few moments before I.took the shot just to make sure I.cleared my camera.thanks Quentin down at that point so I.decided to change the deck we partner.and if you want to see effort would.excite the mag pays back and arrange.again.sure enough the Magpies were interested.but again to start at this common down.London making about a noise and then.flying off again before ever got the.rifle on them.then I thought was going to get a this hood at Crewe but he left in an.awful hurry for some reason well or not a dead managed to get 1/4.magpie but for some reason I forgot record on the camera so about fed.up and frustrated with myself for.missing the opportunity on film I.decided to call a day and I hope I think.the mic pays it hard enough for that.stage see what we’ve done for the.morning 1 2 3 & 4 not sure which one of.these I actually shot off-camera that.happens known again by forgot to press.record for some reason but maybe I’ll.come on action karma know what doesn’ the battery had died the first one.was a headshot to the decoy bird and.another see yep.all headshots all abate just under 25.yards so not to buy four birds three only unfortunately but a nice.morning so I usually tie to the pier.stop after me once and finished pick up.all the dead birds of short farmer.doesn’t want to see them land about an.away and if I don’t use them for a decoy.I can always put them into effect hedge.somewhere for the Foxes to have layer so.for birds for the morning no bad result.specially send some using the spring part air rifle. This is one astonishing constituent!
Air Rifle Hunting, Spring Powered Magpie Hunt
I be nuts about add-ons, because they are the awesome! I filmed this just after Halloween last year and to be honest if i hadn’t off messed up on the last magpie i would have kept the film for another DVD as there was some very nice footage from two points of view, but that’s hunting and filming for you.
Rifle Weihrauch HW97 .177cal 12.6ft/lb
Scope MTC mamba lite 3 12×44 scb
Pellet .177cal H&N FTT
Hide (The Bush) chair hide.