Air Rifle Hunting, Rabbit Hunt 6, 12 july 2010, when another rabbit home this evening you’ll probably recognize s corner in a field for one of the other homes Mercedes has recently been caught and the rabbits are eight enjoying any young shit set of grown up now again I’ve spotted a rabbit down in the bottom corner of this field and I’m just lowering the profile and taped McGeehan bag off cause it’s only gonna get in the road as I try and crawl closer again I’m trying to use the proof out of the field to hate my ship as the field ups down to that hedge lane below me but the grass is so short last time I’m gonna have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl on as low as I can once I get with Sun range I left the rangefinder in my pocket they got a better idea hold over the rabbit knows him there but sense of sulu to the ground my profile soo small that doesn’t see me as that big a threat after all it only has to do two or three feet bent to the hate and it’s away there’s no way I can outrun that or any other predator that’s about 60 yards and I line up for the short Danny goes before I even get up I knew it was that there’s two rabbits about 30 yards further up the field from where he was certain so what to say to crawl diagonally across the field to try and close the range about I’m sorry about the background noise are some winds playing in the quad out in the hell taught farm as a still Nate and the sound travels quite a long way but it doesn’t seem to be putting their rabbits off again of clues the destined snow about 60 yards until another clean shot this is a Satan to the 2-year Elvis there’s the exit hole just the base of the neck and this is the other one short on the first again how about having it struck in the best of the neck this is sort of damage Roberts can do da field just imagine a horse ok second a hoof day and that I try now new is usually Roberts train the right hand side of this head so I’m taking it easy and sure enough there’s one there funny I guess clear shot through those weeds nope he’s away but sometimes that’s how it happens that’s what I was a bit 55 yards away and I give about a holdover for him but the pellet strikes one of those overhanging long stalks of grass and deflects out of the road so we’re done across the field here the check dump in the corner and a spy rabbit so we’ll get down low and try and use the profiler feel the hate myself and get a wee bit closer they do is just slowly quietly with once you get within range calmly set down or whatever shouldn’t possess and you want to choose no rash movements no loud noises support your target get your hold over eight take the shot I don’t know palette I forgot to reload the magazine so I lock the bolt back push the empty out on the thumb to a fully loaded magazine open the top brass pocket and load it into the breech bolt forward fame the target again in the crosshairs yep he’s still sitting there 50-yard shot down Eagles pick my magazine up there are better expenses of a throw around the place I went in fact McGeehan bag up my shooting sticks Northwest boy into the bag with harassed them and well just really with that empty magazine to see of any further embarrassments that say I hate taking headshots were Roberts it’s basically a long range as if you get the elevation a little wrong the palate can drop a wee bit lower but I’ll straighten the rabbit in the neck area which will get a clean kill as well I haven’t shot that salmon Roberts than eight but since him cross and fences and claiming over against AI laik to empty the breach n to the ground before I move on now this is another field across the road from lesson hasn’t been caught yet but you can see as soon as I approached the head lane Head Start apartment up everywhere I haven’t shot that field yet and the rabbits are a lot easier they got closer to I get students decks eight I’ll take a lovely head show up with that it’s a half corner of it they can be quite hard to tell how big they are in the long grass but there are chewed the grass low to the ground a little bit five yards eight which the farmer isn’t terribly hot me out now the nest Robert that’s bought it further down the hedge lane and even though he’s so well in the grass I can’t get short off the shooting sticks so I had to stand and pitch 30 yards standing short well there’s four favored how much for the Nate and a good butt crack I be wild about modules, because they are clever!
Air Rifle Hunting, Rabbit Hunt 6, 12 july 2010
This is the interesting WordPress plugin ever%sentence_ending Another nice evening spent out after a few bunnys.