Air Rifle Hunting, Rabbit Hunt 42, May 2014, there’s another nice what to say that they had it after a.few more rabbits and I’m not far down in.the farmland to a spot a few in the.distance a couple of young rabbits’s well over 60 yards to them and.without getting the roared I don’t think.I’ll be able to get within so arranged.for the 15 foot poem BSA super 10 that.I’m using today still using the R max.Airstream pallets and so far they’ve.been working quite well for me so when to the gear I was still quite a.distance away from the Rao it’s further.really than I wanted to try and take a.short but I just knew it was my right hand side I’m going to around I realize there’s a rabbit.sitting in the field about 20 25 yards.away so I slowly turned around brought.the rifle up and took up with a clean.head shot.this is probably what the third robber.of short in this field short had a lot.of lower than I was really allowing for.but our stall good clean let’s start it back up the farmland.again and I didn’t get too far before I.know it was something in front of was another Robert just in the.right-hand side of the lien so I use the long grass alone the verge of.the lien to trend this case my approach.I moved my way forward.I’ve just got to about 35 to 40 yards.set the rifle up on the Robert had seen.enough of me uncleared off before the rifle on target by deadness a.second Robert just a little further on.up so keeping the shooting sticks.deployed I’ve made my way another 15.yards further how do we bet problem.getting the shooting stacks sorted to.stay stable the bank with a grass verge.on it there drops away all of a sudden.there Roberts have a 36 yards away and I.go for a head shot and an can see but I’m a dong here and.there in the gravel path there’s quite a.few robots about here these little black.reasons as the best way to describe from a young rabbit and here are.these much larger and from the Robert but there’s quite a bit setting in this path and it could.easily be the mistaken for a gravel don’t know what you’re looking for.pellets struck them just in the base of.the what Gabby’s belly we squeeze read any excess urine before I put.them into the game bag.further up the path I see this krugen a.buzzer to a good head bashing he’s just.making sure he keeps on traveling over.the horizon and doesn’t bother train to.attack or put his checks or he’s young.and any back under the farmyard sport at.this young Robert just the other seder.that’s a gray Ferguson on taking the.time slowly stepping forward a – to get.within favor six yards of I’m not.interested and shit nothing he’s just.too young and cooked really but I just.shows you how close you can actually get.young Robert if you take your time so I.made my way through one of the buyers.and through this quite noisy door CFA.can get any closer to some of the.rabbits in the park the noise of the.door doesn’t seem to bother the rabbits.I guess they’re used to hearing at day but quite noisy around and I spot.a rabbit out in the park about 35 yards.away.take a careful him wouldn’t you know.there’s two robots where they multiply.pretty quickly a government squeak the.raises head I’m taking my a government quick squeeze and put.them into the game bag as the late.starting to gonna see Evan guilt one.more opportunity before I call it an.eight give my hands a bit of a weight.with a grass before I pick the rifle nationally I decided to go up the.hill but end up going through the get.way in the background there which is.quite rocky and rotten so while a was.trainer concentrate where I was set in.the feet.I actually spooked her Robert just up.the field of me.and just notice the movement as I got.onto dry land.but he stopped before he went into the.hedge thinking that the Rush’s was.governing planting a cover so I.carefully deployed the shooting sticks.with the rifle got down onto a kneeling.possession Roberts would be 38 yards.away give him a little bit for elevation.and squeeze the shot off trade the clean.the feet up as best as possible kick in.the club or offer before pecking the.rabbit up pellet hit the rabbit in the wasn’t too long ago they had one in.the a and at round for about 3-4 yards.before drop this time even with a short.the rabbit drop right on the spot a good clean kill so the Sun slowly.setting and we’ll head back home to the.van.four robots in the bag and another nice.evening the BA. This is another awesome addon!
Air Rifle Hunting, Rabbit Hunt 42, May 2014
I be mad for plugins, because they are the smart. Out for a few more rabbits with the last of the Armex Airstream pellets.
Rifle BSA Superten .22cal 15ft/lb
Scope Nikko Stirling 4-16×44 Targetmaster
Pellets Armex Airstream 15 grain
Range finder Bushnell Scout 1000
Game Bag Shakespeare Odyssey