Air Rifle Hunting Cape Buffalo | The High Road with Keith Warren, [Music] [Music] it’s one of the four right right just beyond this yeah here we go freedom munitions calm your online ammunition destination presents the high road with Keith Warren [Music] first off I’m grateful to be an American to live in a country that still has country like this for her murder we are laughing [Music] I’m in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and I’m going to do something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time I’m preparing for a very special hunt one that many people say I’m crazy to be going on [Music] now I’ve had a tremendous amount of success with this rifle in North America on a variety of big game species and we know it performs well on them but this is Africa and this is an entirely different game on this episode I’m specifically targeting cape buffalo otherwise known as Black Death just like with any relationship between the professional hunter and his hunter the pH wants to make sure that he has 100% confidence in his Hunter’s ability to be able to make a shot and make a shot with a rifle that he brings is for that reason the first thing I want to do is make sure that my pH has confidence in this air rifle my name is Greg Harvey from hunter zeal safaris and on the two previous safaris keith has come and enjoyed with us he has come out with a rifle and a crossbow and and harvested animals but this time we really surprised he’s arrived with something really really different this time he’s arrived with a big bore air rifle which has got us all fascinated and Riaan treat and we all quite excited to see what it’s going to do I’m very nervous with an air rifle shooting animals and because we normally shoot birds with an air rifle and Keith has brought this big bore air rifle to come harvest animals so we’re quite excited to see what’s gonna happen I’ve had the opportunity and the privilege to shoot the air rifle at the range and and it’s incredible rifle when I looked at it you know it didn’t really impress me um it looked nice but I didn’t think it would have the capabilities it has and after taking a shot with it at the range you know you couldn’t even see the error it was so fast a cape buffalo demands a lot of respect you know it’s not a hunt you take very lightly you know you you need to to keep your head above yourself and you know it’s a dangerous animal it’s one of the big five and it’s not one of the big fire for nothing so you’ve got to you’ve got to be a well aware and of the dangers that it could occur generally to kill a cape buffalo you need minimum of 375 upwards which you know on I experienced here our launch it V seldom does a buffalo go down with the first shot the situation being now is we can I shoot it with an air rifle and the military shoot it the chances are it’s going to run off so it’s a very difficult situation and of a dangerous situation and for us to actually kill it with an air rifle and this is the first time we’re doing it and and we’re all quite excited to see the performance of the air rifle my name is Doug Fincham I’ve been a professional Anton now for 22 years as far as dangerous game guys I’ve guided flying Buffalo Peppa crocodile basically just about every dangerous game on the African continent Greg Osby told me that he had this friend Keith that would like to hunt with an air rifle when I heard about this egg and the 50 caliber a gun I’ve never hunted with Keith before but when I went down to the range and so how this 50 caliber egg and performed that looks fantastic the the grouping on the short placements were absolutely fantastic so I can’t wait to get into some hearts and and give it a gun the high road with keith warren is presented by good comics walls ProSeries legendary arms works sightmark and supercharged scent killer by Wildlife Research Center 99% the high road will be right back now it’s time for a viewer feedback brought to you by protect the harvest protect the hunt this comes to me from a fella by the name of Greg he’s from Texas he says mr. Warren I really enjoy your show I was wondering what do you think about age restrictions on hunting my son is nine years old and we hunt all the time together I can’t imagine living in a state where I couldn’t spend time with my son a field Greg that is a great question I’m opposed to age restrictions on children for hunting for many reasons and the the main reason is because it should be up to you as a parent to be able to decide whether your child is mature enough to hunt there are some kids at six years old or more mature than kids at 16 years old it’s because of the way that they were raised and so I am absolutely opposed to age restrictions on hunting this is an excellent resource book for shot placement for any animal really over here in Africa by Daktari but I want to go over a shot placement on a cape buffalo with an arrow okay so the buffalo is the only dangerous government over the ribcage basically the rib caves over left like a massive fortress like this mm-hmm so basically what we our ultimate goal is to make sure that we shaming an error in through that rib cage and it needs to penetrate the vital organs that are sitting behind it the most important thing to remember is the biggest mistake that most hunters make on caper filets that they shoot too far forward mm-hmm the vitals do not sit in front of the shoulder so if you shoot even on the shoulder is not a shot that I personally like it’s a shot that you can take if you’ve got an extremely high-powered rifle and I say I’m not even talking 375 caliber yeah I’m talking probably minimum 416 the reason for that being is if you ever looked at this photograph clearly you can see that the hot sits behind that shoulder so it means from a shot placement point of view my ideal shot placement is of I was always taught take a fist basically the length of your fist behind that French shoulder and the bottom third of the animal another mistake people make is if that shoot high I spent quite a bit of time going over the anatomy of a cape buffalo with my pH shot placement on a cape buffalo is critical especially with an arrow because a poorly placed shot could result in a deadly charge this shot must be precise and it’s different than most shots a hunter would make using an arrow my goal is to take out both lungs and the heart if I’m lucky enough to get a shot let me ask you a question how many capable Oh hunts have you been on roughly estimate hundred probably 150 okay so tell me about one of the dangers tell me about have you had any close calls you know obviously in 2013 I had a client that winded a cape buffalo we spent about 40 to 50 minutes waiting there was only one piece of thick chest so we were pretty sure of exactly where it Benning and we hadn’t walked probably 2030 meters from from will from where we actually fire the initial shot and he came out of that bush like a freight train at you straight at me he was actually going at the client initially who we bumped out the way I then sort of tried to take to get clever with him to try and get out of the way over the hit luckily to slip at the right time so it took most of the impact from his boss on directly on my hip but but basically from the top of the bottom the horns were on the top of my knee and the top of the wounds were under my armpit so from the – under my armpit I was completely purple broke six of my ribs threw me all over the place I was fortunate enough that when he threw me I never landed back on the ones I landed back on his back so and how am I gonna ever broke on everything but I slid off the back and basically as I landed on my backside the front of my weapon was pointing on his spine and I pulled the trigger and luckily eating when the spun and he filled and that was basically with a high-powered rifle and we’re going after one with an air rifle so shot placement is gonna be critical the high road with Keith Warren is presented by poss-eye Timber Creek outdoors in legends Ranch the Lucas Oil outdoor line record rack deer and elk feed and freedom munitions calm your online ammunition destination the highroad we’ll be right back now it’s time for gear care brought to you by the lucas oil outdoor line there’s all guys than grease guys and I’m an old guy but Jerry is the grease gun I’m gonna have to tell you why I’m a grease guy there’s the reasons for it guys you want to have a lubricant that are high that’ll carry a high stress high load conditions and this is one that’ll do it it has a temp can load number of 80 the automotive standard for wheel bearings is thirty so you’ve got three times the protection of any other grease and Widow stay there from minus twenty degrees to a five hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit so like when you over-and-under shotgun your bird gun you put it on the hinge pins you put it on the forearm go ahead match the receiver excellent spot for it modern sporting rifles the cam pin takes a terrific meeting that’s a excellent spot for grease 1911 pistol slide the frame fit locking lugs on the barrel the sear hammer fit it’s a really good spot to put to put grease if you want you trigger job to last forever so you’ve got an application just just on this three guns that’s pretty much endless so plus it’s an excellent rust protector and all-weather lubricant there you go man grease is your friend for more information on the lucas oil outdoor line visit our website and join us on facebook for more gear care tips [Music] all right what we have is a couple of the eastern capes finest architects what we’re gonna do we’re gonna actually have them build a brush blind and in hopes that we can get come into travel corridor for some cape buffalo I also wound up setting out a reconyx game cameras just to do a little bit of scouting although everybody says that buffalo in this area I want to make sure that I can get some on a reconyx camera this ought to work out really really nice we wound up setting up a reconyx camera down here in ways and got some nice pictures of Buffalo roaming out here we’ve got a little dry river back here it’s got a little bit of water into the Buffalo I like to get in there and wallow in a bunch of these thorn thickets and then a big meadow out in front so not just Buffalo should be here but there should be all kinds of game we should see spring buck and who knows what else but this is good and you shall get out of here what a tea but those guys were experts at building lines we’re gonna do everything we can to keep the wind in our face but when we can’t we still use scent killer to eliminate as much human odor as possible [Music] all right what’s going on now they’re putting thorns up against the side of this hide to conceal us and then we’re gonna be left on our own now it’s just a matter of time putting in enough hours and hopefully the right Buffalo comes in and offers the right shot [Applause] keep in mind that the video that you’re watching now is a compilation of eight full days of hunting out of this hide waiting for the right Buffalo to present the perfect shot [Music] we were in an excellent area with lots of Buffalo but so far I wasn’t comfortable with any of the shots I’ve been presented with keep in mind I’m shooting a 50 caliber Dragon Claw air rifle than I have to make the perfect shot and to the best of our knowledge a cape buffalo has never been killed with an air ride we had a close call this morning they came in within easy range and the problem is they wouldn’t give us a good shot so we’re gonna stay in it and hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to get a good job the high road with Keith Warren is presented by air venturi calm Liberty safe Shadowhunter blinds supercharged scent killer by Wildlife Research Center 99% and tannerite brand binary rifle targets the highway we’ll be right back this hunt for cape buffalo is now in its eighth day as we’re sitting in a temporary makeshift blind and we’ve seen lots of Buffalo up close and personal and it was amazing to see these massive beasts so close knowing that at any second they could charge for more than a week I haven’t had the perfect shot opportunity that I was looking for until now [Music] they’re gonna be coming in from them if you see him bless him [Music] when he comes in what I want you to do when he alters exactly I wanted to slide that territory from the bottom and a fist behind the shoulder it’s one of the far right right [Music] there’s often the charge so hard why is it world that was learning tobacco he’s bleeding good he’s bleeding good okay he’s down bud butter there well done well but you want to take a look and it’s gonna have a look at your animal I believe so I’ll tell you what if somebody hadn’t ever done this their heart all I can tell you is like it’s like a poem my heart hadn’t been pounding like that in years that was only young my gosh okay [Music] beautiful did you ever think you’re gonna put something like that down yes I’ll put enough animals down with this now so far I don’t think anything can withstand a heart shot by this ear gun here [Applause] oh I cannot believe it Doug this blows my mind I mean look at that shot right there and mother nature’s sunscreen on it when you take a good close look at its hide it doesn’t have that much hair on it I mean it’s black but you would think that it’s got more hair on it but look at this very thin here look at the dust and it in solid as a rock and look at the boss that’s an ice pool that’s a really nice well there’s no way I can move it and they said that the air gun wouldn’t do it will you think about that I’m amazed but it’s performed on every animal that you’ve used it on I mean it is absolutely amazing and folks this rifle right here it’s called the Dragon Claw this is a rifle that is that I’ve been using that for about a year and I’ve taken some spectacular animals with it but nothing bigger than a cape buffalo I don’t think I ever will this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal and this proves the performance of an air rifle with a well-placed shot I want to talk to you about Greg Harvey and the outfit here the entire outfit at Hunter’s Hill when you start looking at Greg you may liken him to up to the team owner for an NFL football team and you may look at all the PHS say those are his star players those are his number-one draft picks I’m gonna take him him and him and he’s gonna put this team together and this team is being put together to not just run the best outfit that I know of in the Eastern Cape of South Africa but it’s being put together to take care of the customers that come here it’s all about quality that’s all about delivering the best product that you can deliver and it can’t be done without a good team and it doesn’t stop with just the PHS it goes behind the PHS it goes to the trackers and the scanners and then you go behind the kitchen you got max back there he is serving meals that you would die for these were awesome meals but it’s all just another day at Hunter’s Hill and it’s all because Greg Harvey has assembled the perfect team you These components are elegant!!
Air Rifle Hunting Cape Buffalo | The High Road with Keith Warren
This is the astonishing plugin ever%sentence_ending Air Rifle Hunting Cape Buffalo | The High Road with Keith Warren

This Week on The High Road with Keith Warren, Keith heads on an air gun African Safari for “Black Death,” known as the Cape Buffalo . Keith makes hunting history as he takes this massive beast with a .50 cal big bore air rifle.

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