Air Rifle HOG KILL – IOTV BENJAMIN HOG HUNT, it ‘s regarding 23 degrees out this morning.it ‘s already spitting snow on us a.little bit as well as we obtained a little cabin.fever so Tim and I broke out the.Benjamin air rifle this is the Marauder.pcp you have actually seen its use we enjoy this.little point and we thought we ‘d attempt it.on a large old home.definitely called.break that back this way.good.if you ‘re searching for a strong solution.to your own problem present you to the.Brin German Marauder PCP rifle believe.it Mac right there that ‘s where the.pellet hitting right in between the lookers.and this is your result the hardest part.on this pig body as well as that pellet crushed.it thanks to the benjamin marauder MCP.as the outcomes child. My grandfather claims this plugin is helpful!!
These plug-ins are quite amazing. Hog quest with the new Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle.25 cal air rifle removes a 100 pound hog!