Air Rifle Bear Hunt Powerful Umarex Hammer 50 : Real Air Gun Hunting, hey everybody I’m Steve Kramer the dog.soldier and welcome to this episode of.real airgun hunting on this episode.we’re going to Canada we’re gonna be.chasing big black bears telling you.right now we are gonna show you.everything that a big bore PCP can.accomplish if done right a new murex.hammer is done right with that being.said real airgun hunting starts now.[Music].man I’ll tell you what I didn’t get to.go up to Canada and hunt black bears but.when I heard the guys from Umarex and.several of them went up there when I.heard they went to Canada and bears I just had to get my hands.on the footage on this episode Richard.Turner the president of Umarex is in.Canada he has a Umarex hammer 50 caliber.and you guys are going to be amazed at.what you witness here not only do we.take a couple black bears but you’re.gonna get a feel see touch the.excitement and the adrenaline and the.capability of a pcp 50 caliber Richard Turner he’s the president of.humor X and one thing about Umarex not.only it being a family business these.guys eat breathe and sleep air work and at home everything is.perfect.sit back and enjoy this you guys I’m.gonna try not to talk too much I just.want you to see what kind of epic hunt.this is we’d plan for about a year to.come up here in bear hunting so you that time you read about it and TV shows about it and you sort of.see it now I tell you none of that.there’s nothing about that and it truly.lives up to what the what the as with most things it’s just.incredible I think yesterday so we can.kill two bears yesterday in the I had between yesterday and the.evening yesterday in the morning the day.before I had just on that afternoon hunt.I saw 26 bears I mean it’s just it’s.unbelievable of all sizes colors and a couple of them work we’re.really close up we had one put his paws.and maybe come up a foot on the tree we.were actually sitting in and that gets.the heart running pretty good and’s it truly no matter how much you.back to what the true hunt here in the.location the beauty of everything out does any of your expectations.[Music].[Music].[Music].everyone talked about the different.colors we might see and you’ve got.aspirations a lot of black bears the.harvested here in camp big ones and you.have aspirations to to maybe get a.chocolate bear or a brown bear that.those color faces and really the is I let one pass probably the day.before that 15 minutes in the hunt a.good one came in and Chad my cameraman.he looked at me goes we need to take.that and I did not listen to him and.there’s no doubt I regretted that.because you know you’re sitting in bed.then after that happened and we didn’t.even we didn’t take a shot at him and.we’re going man I wish we had and and worked out great because the second.bear came in and our hunt yesterday.afternoon or the last day evening and.and boy he was beautiful just he’s coming in I turned to chat I.said we’re gonna this one’s gonna happen.this time don’t worry I’m gonna you this time.[Music].hey everybody the dog soldier here.welcome to America’s air gun info on.demand now we’re gonna do things a.little different this episode this.episode instead of talking about the.hammer or another air gun we are talk about the projectile used to.kill these black bears now these black.bears they’re able to take a lot there are tough animals and.they’re hard to put down well on this.episode we’re shooting a 400 grain solid.lead slug actually a soft lead slug by.Buffalo Arms Company this slug in.combination with the feet per second.delivered by the hammer which is about.860 feet per second is what we’re.shooting these 400 grain slugs at it.allows to hit the bear it allows the.bullet once entered the bear to deform.and most importantly deliver all that you can to your we’re talking like over 600.foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle I.mean we have energy and we’re and were able to take these bears now the guys at Grand Slam.hunting adventures in Alberta Canada.they couldn’t believe it they didn’t.have to track one of these bears over 60.yards several of the Bears shot by the.Umarex group died within 60 yards.obviously and a lot of them died right.on camera I mean we were able to deliver.the energy necessary to take bears so if you guys are shooting.a pcp and you’re shooting a 50 caliber.and you’re gonna be hunting whitetails.if you’re gonna be hunting pigs’re gonna be hunting black bears make.sure that you get a good slug one that.your gun shoots accurately and one that.delivers the energy to the target not.just zips right through you want to make.sure the bullet the bullet does the keep in mind Emmerich’s they make a.specific big bore bullet as well in a 50.caliber and a 250 grain a 350 grain and.a 550 grain and you can go to Emmerich’ to get more information on them.bullets that being said I’m Steve kind.of the dog soldier that’s Umarex is.airgun info on demand.I turn to chat us if we’re gonna miss.ones gonna happen this time don’t worry.I’m gonna listen to you this time.[Music].I think we’re good I think we’re gonna.think we’ve got about 40 yards in front.of us well you know what you spend your.time yelling for five days in a matter.of two all goes right man hammer again one.shot one shot hard to argue against that.unbelievable it presented a really good.shot pretty quickly which is nice.because that’s hearts racing so we.didn’t have to wait too long for a.really solid shot opportunity and then.we watched that bear drop probably 35.yards from the foot of the stand we’ and that’s a great feeling that is.such a great feeling and then we.celebrated and we watched some more.bears come in for the rest of the day we.may have taken a picture or two with it.with them do.[Music].[Music].the amount of bears here’ve just got to give them time in and and really stay focused and.discipline them being still and being.quiet because a lot of them will come.right in a lot of them oh they’re weary.we had chatting I had a couple just a.hundred percent surplus during they’re working around trying to.get downwind you see that nose is up.every about 40 yards they’re working.around there trying to get a whiff.others just come in so so you know be.disciplined and if you are you’re gonna.see an unbelievable number of bears in.that long amount of time you get to hunt.[Music].[Music].guys in closing I just want to say how.awesome it was to put this episode.together I want to give the guys a new.murex kudos for editing this episode it.was a pretty easy episode for me they.edited delivered it and I got to that’s why I wanted to bring it you guys and air it right here on.real airgun hunting once again I guys for the support.we’re over ten thousand subscribers now.on Facebook and we’ve reached over three.million air Gunners this year alone with.real airgun hunting and with that being.said I just have to have you guys much we appreciate it.anyway I’m Steve crowd at the Dog.Soldier until next time this is real.airgun hunting. 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Air Rifle Bear Hunt Powerful Umarex Hammer 50 : Real Air Gun Hunting
I be mad for components, because they are the fancy! This air rifle bear hunt takes place in Canada with the powerful Umarex Hammer 50 caliber. Richard is hunting with Grand Slam Hunting Adventures out of Alberta. He equips himself with the Umarex Hammer .5o cal airgun and is firing a 400 grain slug from Buffalo Arms Company out of the Hammer with superb results. The accuracy and power delivered, at 860 fps, by this combination resulted in quick, clean harvest of these huge black bears.

The guides from Grandslam Hunting Adventures stated they’d never before has such an easy time retrieving bears. Usually with firearms involved, the bears will travel out of sight, but that wasn’t so with the Hammer. These bears were done within sight of the tree stand, so the guide didn’t even have to track them. Impressive! To inquire about a hunt, contact Grandslam here:

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