Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle, welcome to the pyramid insider I’m Tyler.patner today we’re gonna be taking a.look at the brand new air arms s510.access in 25 caliber.[Music].so the excess models fall into the.ultimate sporter family and this was.announced at shacho 2018 for us here in.the US and represents really air arms is.first foray into a regulated sporting.rifle they’ve made target rifles and and.obviously the Galahad which is a bullpup.but really their first go at putting a.regulator inside of their five hundred.five ten series so really exciting to.see that but full disclosure guys we.have this is taking a little bit longer.than normal to test this out here we had.a gun from the first shipment which was.a couple months ago we had some problems.with it just full disclosure for you.guys address them with air arms they.have obviously this is a second shipment.gun they’ve confirmed that the.performance on these is a two spec we are obviously going to find out if.that’s still the case had a little.regulator problem with the first one so.hopefully this is gonna perform much.better we’ll find out so the 510 XS.ultimate sporter models are available in.a few different stock styles 177 22 and.25 of course you have the laminate you.see here which features a Q Tech.moderator on the end of the shroud and a.shorter air cylinder a hundred and.eighty-six cc’s roughly and then you.have the extra length guns which are.available both in walnut and a black.soft touch which is really good looking.rifle they don’t have the Q tech but.they have a much longer cylinder’re gonna get considerably more shots.out of those than you are out of this so.starting at the front of course we do.have that Q Tech moderator and a fully.shrouded Lothar Walther barrel we.usually get very good accuracy out of.air arms guns and this is going to be no.exception I’m sure we’ll find out when.we get it to the range though of course.under the threaded to fill cover here have air arms is normal t-bar style.fitting which comes with their.proprietary fill adapter threaded to 1/ SPP on the end so you are gonna need.a male quick disconnect fitting off of.the website there if you are going to be.adapting it to a hose with a QD on it.already just slips over find your way.through that little locking piece there.and then you turn it locks it in you’re.good to fill it there now these guns.fill up to 250 bar which is a little.higher than what we’ve seen in the past.from air arms but obviously they’re.using that higher fill pressure with.the regulator to give you a few more.shots flipping the laminate stock over.we do have a uit rail on the bottom here.and it will come with a swivel stud can change the position wherever you.want on the rail I’ve added a bipod here.just to show you we do sell something.similar to this on the website but you.can also adapt like a utg bipod they.sell an adapter that will allow you to.put a you know Picatinny mounted bipod.on this swivel stud as well so there’s a.lot of options there for accessorizing.whatever you want to do moving back.obviously the stock kind of swells down.just a little bit but you do have the.air arms pressure gage under there color-coded very easy to use and then.moving back still we have the standard.s510 trigger which is typically a very.good trigger definitely match-grade in.every way and fully adjustable of course.breaking nice and clean right out of for us.of course as is standard for the s510 as.500 line you have a side lever cocking.system very easy very smooth operate and.we do have a ten shot rotary in 25 caliber there 10 shot in all.three calibers actually and you get two.of them which I love I love getting an.extra magazine with the gun plenty of.shots there between the two so very keep the second one loaded and on.hand one thing I should also mention.very easy to decock these rifles all you.have to do is you just hold the side.lever back like that you go ahead pull.the trigger and you are all good to go.all safe at that point safety is on the.trigger like all of the air arm stuff see I’m not a fan of that it’s it’s not gonna work it definitely.does its job in stopping you from.pulling the trigger I just don’t like.the positioning of it personally.another thing you’ll notice looking at.the breech a brand new style power.adjuster so this is a very easy to reach.adjuster here on the side and then you.have your normal kind of scaling on the.left hand side of the action there get five positive clicks so we’re in.the high power setting one two three.four more so five total low to high nice.little operation upgrade here they be kind of a free-form adjuster and.we saw what the gala had the first time.they put those indents in and I that they made that upgrade here on.the 510 series up top we do have an 11.millimeter dovetail now you guys will.notice I use Picatinny rings for today it’s just what I had on the.scope this is an a on 8 to 32 we a bunch of these in.across their line so worth checking know not a bad budget scope.especially for the PCP I don’t think.they rate them for spring guns but for a.PCP these are a really good option and.they got a bunch of cool radicals out.there as well.used a utg dovetail do Weaver adapter.that slips on the inside of the Rings.they’re actually really handy to have.around if you find yourself going back.and forth moving scopes between.different rifles they’re very handy it.talking about the stock and a little bit.more detail guys so obviously a manelli.stock as we’ve seen before and this is.the standard kind of ultimate stock in this laminate here so you.get the adjustable cheek piece.up-and-down adjustment you get that rear.swivel stud as well on the back there.single handling key to adjust a very.easy system to use and then you get an.adjustable vertically adjustable at.least butt pad as well so a nice little.feature there you can see I’ve bumped it.down a little bit for myself just to.make things a little bit more.comfortable brings the gun up as I’m.shouldering it so personally it’s just a.feel I like the gun feels great.obviously fit and finishes top-quality.its air arms you expect nothing less.I’m really excited to see how this one.shoots we’re gonna go ahead chronograph.everything probably do a couple of.different pellets depending on what.shoots best today and of course the.accuracy testing is the big one we’re.expecting great things from this but.we’ll get everything done out on the.range we’ll see out there.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].all right guys so 45 yards all 10 shot.groups with the s510 XS here starting.with the jsb king heavies you got just.under an inch for all 10 shots so to there’s about 0.9 5 inches so a.pretty good group they’re certainly not.what we were expecting I wouldn’t expect.those heavier pellets to shoot well I’m.thinking this guns gonna like the.regular Kings which is exactly what.ended up happening but those predator.GTOs right here 0.85 really surprised me.quite a bit for the non led pellet.flying a little bit faster a really nice.10 shot group but as expected the jsb.Kings all ten shots point seven under.three quarters of an inch probably could.have done a little bit better but.honestly guys is basically one big hole.this is gonna do the job for you without.a doubt great results out of the s510 XS.looking over our chronograph results.this is really exactly what we expected.out of the s510 access a very tight.Xtreme spread across all three pellets.and we did go ahead and chronograph all.three pellets because we were really.interested to see the performance.differences and really wanted to see if.we were getting that 44 – 45 foot-pounds.that air arms was claiming our shot.counts right around 25 shots per’ll notice that the heavier King.heavies do actually give us a couple.more shots but right around that 44 foot.pound mark with those heavier’re still getting good energy out of.both the predator GTOs and the Kings the.25.4 versions tight standard deviations.and overall very good performance exactly what we were expecting out of.this s510 XS and looking over our power.levels on the XS with those 25.4 Kings.that shot the best for’re not seeing much of a drop from.the highest power down to power level.for just maybe 20 to 30 feet per second.and not a huge shot increase but you.definitely see a big jump when you power level three running right about.28 foot-pounds 35 shots is very good and.for those of you that might want to.shoot this indoors that second power.levels gonna do really well for you be quite honest guys when we got the lowest setting not really to see how many shots it would do as.the guns only putting out about five.foot pounds I’m gonna say probably over.100.but certainly this should give you guys.a good idea of what you can expect out.of the excess with the various power.settings.[Music].before we get to the wrap up guys don’t.forget to click that like button down.below the video let us know what you.thought about the gun today if you.thought the performance was good bad.indifferent whatever you think let us.know down in the comments and don’t.forget to subscribe as always as far as.the s510 access goes especially in this.25 caliber really glad to see that power.up my only two gripes with the gun on the trigger I’ve said it.before with air arms guns and I’m not a.huge fan of the indexing system for the.magazines the little posts sometimes.they get bent just not a fan those only two real gripes with this gun.though obviously the performance on the.gun we have here on the table was very.very good exactly what I would expect.out of an air arms gun especially.something in this price point you got.quiet performance obviously accuracy for.days a little bit higher fill pressure.on it not that that’s a big deal love.the adjustability of the ultimate.sporter stock and the regulator.certainly seems to be doing its job in a.big way very consistent results and a.decent number of shots out of a really.small cylinder so that’s the s510 the nutshell for you guys for the.insider i’m tyler patner we’ll see you.guys in the next one. 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Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle
Meet this fancy WordPress plugin! You wanted a regulated S510, and Air Arms delivered! The Air Arms Ultimate Sporter has been one of the most highly prized airguns the world over. With its iconic stock and unmatched accuracy, the Sporter has become synonymous with serious airgunning.

This time, Air Arms has upped the ante once again with a fully regulated version—the Ultimate Sporter XS—an air rifle built to provide the greatest power and shot consistency of any Sporter to date.

Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle |

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