Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon PCP Precision Target Rifle Review and Shooting Test, hello from Chandni Chowk on this is.mafiosi today I would like to do a very.exciting review since only pick us up.we are going to review this rifle which one for here we’d be doing ok.before I open the case I would like you.guys to guess okay so here’s the tip.number one this is a firearm gunpowder.reloading tool it’s a digital scale for.measuring a very small measurement in.grains and stuff like that okay so take.a look we’re not reviewing this scale.although okay so it looks like that what the what what is the gun that we.reviewing today that’s right it’s rifle open the case okay open and magically pick up the gun there.we go super super nice looking target.rifle this is a Air Arm pcp rifle it’s a.precision target shooting again that.people use for the gear all in the game.and stuff like that and the air arms.s400 biathlon rifle you see right here.see okay there we go the model name okay.with the white stock wow look at that.okay let’s take a look at the the is fully adjustable you can I’m.just Ellen’s ranch here to loosen up.these things and everything is.adjustable here can’t – you see right here right.okay you can push it and move it around.and tighten it up okay it’s like it’s been okay you can push it see.and it’s fully adjustable this thing can.go up and down or it can spin whatever.okay so a lot of stuff you can customize.and of course the chick peas peas here.can also be customized look at the other.side here we go.that’s the screw you can unscrew that.loosen it up and they can go up and down.according to your own preference.preference and of course here you can.see the knife pattern the grains on the.wood and it’s very very very soft wow.this is like super soft wood okay this the spot here it’s very nice.for the grip you can’t handle it like so okay a lot of different kind of.holding method that they use with our.gun and it’s made in England as you can.see right here back to the small text.the air arm made in England this here is.where you load the magazine then I go click you see the boat moves back.see I’m pulling it back okay that’s move it and it’s a floating okay and the barrel here’s nickel-plated so it’s very frosty.kind of a champagne color not silver but.champagne kind of color and here we go.this is the fully adjustable front sight.not adjustable I mean yeah it is sort of.adjustable okay you can unscrew this.thing here and move it in and out.something like that okay and also from.the top you can see you can change the.element for the target site right’s a globe shape okay looks like.globe shape okay and also here I want to.mention the trigger is fully well okay and here’s the bolt the are.four you can actually like that and pull.the bull to cock the gun and then put it.back and shoot.and since it’s a pile-on rifle it’s made.for speed shooting so you can like and.then it’s easily you can flip this to.the back and push it back so it’s very.easy to to to cock the gun okay it’s.very easy it’s very light and here you.can see this is a screw here it’s used.for the the site here the this part the rear sight it’s fully.dismountable let’s just start working so.he can actually take this off and put a.scope on or you can just use this and if you take a look here while.this this is like okay here we go you.can see there’s a little tiny pin peek through here and you look at.the front sight so that’s how you aim if.this gun and there are micro two knobs okay when you turn this.knob you you can hear a loud click click click click freeze ok and these clicks will give you.very precise adjustment what I mean by.precise adjustment is that when you aim.and shoot okay if you click only can’t even tell the difference with.the result but if you click a 12 will see oops it moved a little bit.well that’s what I mean by precise.adjustment you have to click OK click a.lot of times to make a tiny a result you can make very detailed.and small microscopic adjustment like.that okay so now let’s take a look you see this silver pan right here.okay this is where the air tank the tube.or the air tank whatever goes so this is.the whole air tank from here to here and.also here you see you have four mix.loaded on the gun this gun comes with a.set of magazine for four magazine can pick it out like that.okay if you look at the top you see this.yellow here okay so you just check it.out like that and there we go.typical air our put the pellets through the hole and.then rotate rotate and then like so.these magazines are five shots can buy the ten shots magazine like and this gun is chambered point one seven seven caliber so.after you load the magazines up you here okay.after pulling the boat back you put and load in the gun right here at.the bottom of the gun here you see there.are some rails kind of thing here for mounting the extra weight can add on to the gun you can buy.those like a place like premier and.stuff like that and you put weights balance the gun so that when you it feels more violence and won’t dripping down like that and also.for the air tank here okay oh and you.can see there’s a air arm marking on the.logo as well and for the air tank you.see this is the meter of how much have inside the tank okay so.everyone for um you guys who don’t know.about pcp rifles okay let I screw.out make sure that triggers no pull and.I will screw this up you can just out like that they come up a tool don’t need the tool if you’re screwing these things out okay it.looks like that so that how they can.lock without the tank and you can also.see here but nobody will show you this.kind of view and you can see it in okay so let’s put a gun down okay.about the air tank okay if you just.bought a PCP rifle I like the air on TV.or ‘litham like that the normal type.they don’t use a tank like this you.don’t have to like usually they don’t.tell you to disassemble the tank or the.air tube okay what they usually tell to use the adapter to directly pump.into the gun okay because they don’t.want you to disassemble for target.rifles it’s always the same you have to.disassemble the tube and then okay you.need a special tool the special tool they come with a fill float like.this okay it’s a big chunk of brass and.and this thing screws on to your – this.but then the problem is you cannot don’t know how to use it because it.doesn’t fit onto your tank okay so screw this on this knob here okay.there’s a knob here okay you tighten it.up and what about this side well usually.people put this directly to a scuba tank.or you have to buy a Dean involve.adapter the in2 a quick disconnect you.see this is a huge chunk of broth again.okay and this convert the adapter to a.quick disconnect fitting like so so now.okay I’ll just screw this on you can’t.use a hand pump with a quick disconnect.hose fittings connect it together and.pump the tank up usually takes about 50.pounds to like if your tank is empty.take about 50 to just say 70 pump to.pump it up not a lot and um yeah so.after you’re done okay you vent the hose.the hose from the collet pump not here.okay never use here after you vent it.makes the air is all gone from here to.the host it’s all gone.and then you unscrew this to make air is inside here okay and then you.can unscrew the whole thing out after.disconnecting the tube I mean the you disconnect the fittings and put it back into the gun and make.sure you know that when we put this back.into the gun okay you do it carefully.sliding it down slowly make sure’s in the hole and then you screwed by hand okay only by hand don’t use.any tool just use the hand they squid that and there we go okay so now can see if the gun is.back down and there goes a meter okay.there we go never use a tool to and over tighten it up okay it.would damage the this gun here overall shoots about.500 FPS and also it’s shooting for 177.caliber pellet pretty powerful and it’s.very quiet it’s what I can say it’s a blast thing kind of pop it’s a.very quiet and steady kind of pop it’s.very quiet actually so here we go take a.look at how it looks it looks like that.okay not easy to see through this kind.of fight but you know you get used to that okay so you see how that looks.and we’re going to do some shooting.sessions with this gun and let’s take a.look okay so let’s move on to the range.and we’ll shoot a few mags together and.test it oh it’s very accurate but maybe.I’m not the good shooter if this kind so got a pair of me but I’ll try let’s see what we’ll do okay so.let’s move to the range and we’ll shoot.from 5 meter or so to test it up okay.let’s go okay everyone so right now.we’ll use the humble home rifle and the auto WS on 10 match great pellet.the heavy one it weights 8.2 grains each.looks like right now we’ll shoot from about 16 feet and I have set up a.flashlight looking here and we are.shooting the top three targets today.with five shots each let’s take a look.okay getting back to my position and I’m.not loading a mag in so yeah hold the.bolt and for the mag inside okay the.first shot is chambered now we’ll get.the first shot fired after five shot.will fine-tune the my position not whatever to see if we can get it very.nicely grouped so right now we’re shoot the left side okay the left.side right everyone to go this is very.not easy.okay second shot the trigger is very.light Jason first shot the trigger is so.light.Oh.good shot the last one.okay five shot is fired let’s take a.look at the target so as you can see my.rifle is here huh Wow scary well that.very precise so yeah you can see the.grouping is kind of crazy and let’s take.a look at these second round second leg.I mean and I promise you that with some.more practice you can get hold to full.accuracy okay let’s try again.I wasn’t even warmed up for the okay now let’s try the second target.the second poll died on the right side.everyone on the right side oh you know.what’s so fun okay let me zoom you in.closer up to this so I get a full shot.of the bullseye since we’re not gonna.missed anyway hmm okay.oh that’s cool okay let’s take a look.okay it’s so hard to spot the both eyes.with the target site but you know with.some practice it’ll do it let’s try.okay second soon.whoops shot simply I slipped a little.bit.four-oh is getting hotter in my eyes.tiring out.yes one.okay five shot everyone let’s take a.closer look okay there we go the.grouping is there okay so yeah the UM.the rifle is not used to the handle’s tripping nicely Oh laughter ho take a look at this size here Wow.hey beside the fact that I’m actually.kind of shaky for this kind of rival I.guess pretty darn good okay so taking.closer up closer look here just size of.penny and usually when I shoot a longer and get more training it.would get tighter with the groupings can score hole to hole so yeah everyone that’s the review for the.air arms s400 biathlon rifle so enjoy.and maybe in the future we’ll do shooting together and see you.know if I improved or not.okay thank you for watching remember to.subscribe and like bye. This is another nice component.
Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon PCP Precision Target Rifle Review and Shooting Test
I be mad for add-ons, because they are the astonishing. The Air Arms S400 MPR (multi position rifle) Biathlon, with white poplar stock, is a .177 Caliber PCP precision target rifle. With fully adjustable stock, cheek rest, trigger, sights and everything you need to customize the airgun into YOUR gun. This gun shoots at about 500 fps and is extremely accurate. The target sights are fully adjustable and comes with 5 elements (1 installed). Very pretty and sexy rifle! Since Olympic 2014 is up soon, we will showcase the stuff they use for the 10m air rifle or biathlon games!

For photography work of this Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon Air Rifle:


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