Air Arms Pro-Sport air rifle – AGR Episode #99 1/2, [Music].on today’s episode I have the pleasure.of shooting the 22 caliber air arms quite possibly the most elegant.spring piston rifle in production coming.up on air gun reporter.[Music].[Music].folks by high definition camera can.hardly do justice to the handsome good.looks of the air arms pro sport as an.artist that can sometimes be a capture the essence and details of a.product on video but with the pro was easy with just a little some overhead illumination and.a spotlight the pro sports beauty.becomes breathtaking the stock is.available in beech or walnut and both.are equally stunning with near-perfect.weight balance and overall economics the.metal bluing can only be described as.sumptuous with a dark mesmerizing death.let me go ahead and show you the specs.and we’ll go outside and do some.shooting.[Music].before the chronic testing I did some.casual shooting with jsb jumbo heavies.just to warm up the pro sport and this go the pellets were performing.well so I shot a string of 10 over the.chrony.I got a low velocity of 578 FPS a high.of 585 an average of 582 and an extreme.spread of 7 feet per second with a.standard deviation of 2 point 4 4 feet.per second when I’m told the pro sport.shoots like a tuned rifle out of the box.I can believe it with numbers like that.let’s use the jsps first for the.accuracy testing.[Music].at 35 yards the jsps were outstanding.delivering shot after shot with extreme.precision.[Music].after two dime-sized groups of five.rounds I shot a dozen rounds into target next I tried to Barracuda.match pellets and these performed very.nicely as well I’m sure there’s several.lighter grain pellets that shoot awesome in the pro sport and’re the proud owner of this rifle why.not share some of your expertise here.with other folks in the comment section.[Music].[Music].the pro-sports gold-plated trigger not.only looks awesome its performances.every bit as refined as the record.trigger found on German Springer’s it.can be micro adjusted for any shooters.preference but I found mine to be.perfect right out of the box with an.average weight of exactly one pound.[Music].is the pro sport backyard friendly the shroud on the rifle is 11 and.3/4 inches long however the rifle barrel.within it is only nine inches combined.that shroud with fine spring and you have a decidedly.quiet air gun in my test I got a high.decibel reading of 88.5 some of you.folks may be surprised that I gave such.a glowing review of this air gun but sport owners out there know exactly.what I’m talking about whether you get.this rifle for small game hunting target.shooting or as an entry-level shooter you will not be.disappointed the hidden under lever.takes a bit of getting used to but the.payoff is an easy to shoot rifle with a.sleek and ergonomic design loading.pellets into the sliding port can be awkward if you have.very large fingers but I wouldn’t.consider this a deal-breaker as you can.imagine I have a bunch of air guns in my.collection many of which I often trade.or sell now that I’ve tried the the only time out part with is when I pass it on to a as an example of what a real spring.rifle should be for airgun reporter is Paul Capello until next time.shoot safe and have fun.please remember folks air guns are even the smallest calibers can.cause serious harm if not used properly.and you should never under any.circumstance point an airgun at another.person parents if you teach your.children to shoot responsibly they will.have a lifetime of airgun enjoyment.[Music]. This is another fancy plugin!
Air Arms Pro-Sport  air rifle - AGR Episode #99 1/2
My grandpa says this plugin is very adorable!!

Yes, it’s episode 99 and a half! Still, it’s another great review of another great air rifle – the legendary Air Arms Pro Sport!