About Us

About us

We are a team of air rifle experts and hobbyist. Regular guns are for personal safety. It doesn’t automatically warrant a place in residential environment. But, same is not the case of air rifles. They have different purposes besides personal safety. Air rifles are a nice way to practice shooting. They are best used to target practices. We understand the pros and cons of this category of guns. They don’t run deep in your pockets. In our understanding, they are priced a lot less than regular firearms. They do not mandate too many licenses and usage is not hampered by strict regulations. Air rifles are good to go in residential areas too. These are some of the reasons we started this website.

We serious value the quality of engineering that goes behind the guns. Before we list any air gun or accessories we put it for a serious quality test. Quality of engineering makes the English and German made guns a class apart. For most part air guns comes from out of U.S.A. In the American continent, they are imported more often than not. A lot of things matter which evaluating the awesomeness of an air gun in our belief. We use a lengthy list of factors for evaluation. Besides quality of engineering, our checklist includes design, calibration, precision, power, accessories and more. Accessories are a wide subject in it including scopes, targets, pellets, etc… Scopes becomes an essential item when you are starting out. Targets will be needed for practice. Different types of pellets will be used based upon purpose.

Air guns come with splendid amount of craftwork. We give such importance to the wood work. It determines the look and feel of your weapon. It determines the weight of the gun. When the calibration is good, extra weight is nice to have. It improves the precision and power of your shot. We cover all categories of rifles from spring pistol to PCP. We list air guns for all sorts of usage. Our list will contain air guns that raise no alarm for the local authorizes. They will be residential area friendly. They will be best for open field encounters. You can hunt small game as well as use it extensively in rodent control

We advise you to check with local regulations and laws before purchasing air guns and accessories. Since it is air gun, you don’t have to deal with too many restrictions. We aim to bring you the best out of best air guns that is going around. In the air guns niche, we are someone who knows what they are talking about. Lot of fake experts offers the worst advices and suggestions leading up to epic investment failures. Yep, we consider air guns as serious investment. Another thing about air guns is extended usage and maintenance. For that purpose we have planned to include accessories in the future. We are not related to the manufacturer or promoter of the products listed in our site.