A morning vermin shooting with the air rifle! vlog002 hunting squirrels,rabbits and doves, this morning we’re at a property in South Derbyshire and I’ll be tackling some boomin with the air rifle the bag won’t be massive but there’s a variety of species so let’s start the quad barking go for a cruise around after traveling around approximately 48 does not be presented with a shot so I decided to head back to the gardens and see what that has to offer it doesn’t take long to the spot movement in the distance and I moved in for a closer lot as I get within range a raised the rifle steady the scopes and squeeze up a shop it’s in the squirrel in the base of the neck 177 inches mark and the squirrel goes down without any thoughts reloaded and ready front of a shop I stalked down to the corner of the fence so I could sneak and never look what’s on the Assad a young rabbit sat at the side of the log parlor about 40 yards so again a steady discourage and take a shot it’s an in square in the add back flip I continued round the lawns and ran a few more paddocks but never had any luck so decided to head back towards what bark would just on my way back beyond the pom girl I aspired off at the top of the third entry once more the one-77 instructed target and sends it up to the ground while on my rounds I notice the falling tree limb to the load reduction tools and cut off downfield to Clara so with the job done it’s time to load up and get off road and for watching the video and air we’ve all enjoyed it so if you like our videos please give him a thumbs up it helps other people find the more easily through the youtube search engine also please share it to your social media whether it be Facebook Twitter or any other hunting forums if you new to the channel and you want updates on when we upload please subscribe you can also visit our website arson toy pits webs calm or follow us on twitter at working with it These addons are fancy!
A morning vermin shooting with the air rifle! vlog002 hunting squirrels,rabbits and doves
I be crazy about plug-ins, because they are the adorable. join me on my morning vermin patrol at a property in south derbyshire, today i will be shooting from a polaris 800 quad bike and on foot,
this video contains images of vermin being shot! if this offends you please don’t watch.
squirrel shot at aprox 35yds
dove shot at aprox 25yds
rabbit shot at aprox 40yds
the rifle used is a sub 12ftlb 177 webley tomahawk
the scope is a simmons 3-9×50
the cameras used to film this are:
gopro hero session
samsung galaxy s4 phone