54 Caliber Air Rifle, hi guys I hope you can see me and listen.what I got to tell you this is the.original Bob Dean 54 Cal money pit gun.I’ve got more money time effort and gray.hair tied up in this gun now I’ve had an.any other gun in my entire life I don’t.know if I got enough time to tell you.the story on video I’m teen years ago I.bought this gun from Cecil Whiteside.before he passed away I was dying to get.my hands on a Quackenbush or a Bob Dean.rifle this had to be ended around.2004-2005 I saw this up Cecil had for.sale for out 1650 a lot of money back.then but is it dummy I picked it up I.didn’t even have a tank at the time I.had a hand pump could get any air in.this guy so I finally threw Erik tracked.down Bob Dean got his phone number it’s.not the gun back to him just to go over.it safety to get up make sure everything.was working good sent him a check for a.couple hundred bucks seven years go by.then pieces and parts never get it back.Bob had his issues and his problems it.was bipolar and everything else so I.finally said you send me the gun back.I’ll sell it so I get it back.make sure it’s holding air put a few.shots through it and put it up for sale.got a customer lined up for it test it.out just before I get ready to sell it.and it’s leaking air it had a full.bottom lower with a air piece that you.slip in there the other valve assembly.was to slip in with set screws very.unsafe design it was leaking so I sent.it off to Dan and xB air guns Adam.seracote the upper he fiddled with it.got it’s sealed got it back put it in.the closet pulled it out again to sell.it leaking air so this time I set it off.to will pee out to play with wheels.tinkering with it.and oh please don’t forget each time I.send this thing off back and forth you.talking $20 shipping Oh $20 shipping.back plus the time and effort so now I.started at about 1650 now I’m about 1800.after I sent it off the wheel P I will.stand kering with it starting to put.some air in it and that cheap bass lower.assembly with the stuff pinned in with a.few piddly set screws separates and.explodes it’s in pieces grace of God.that wheels not injured so now about.another hundred dollars he sends the.pieces back the only thing that.salvageable was the upper so in my.depression I called Jack Haley he says.Bob just sent me the gun will do.something with it send it to Jack year.later Jack passes away haven’t heard.from anybody on it.Reba says we have it don’t worry about.it sooner or later we’ll get it fixed.John Bowman is taking care of all the.pieces and parts and trying to get what.he can together and off the people a.couple years later I get a phone call.from John saying Bob we’re shipping your.gun back to you it’s like okay a couple.weeks later I finally get it in and now.I have it now remember I gave Jackson.money I shipped it to him finally got it.back in this journey.John had sent this off I guess to Mike.over at citrus air guns Mike actually.it’s his lower put it together got a.shooting holding pressure it’s shooting.pretty good so this gun has been through.five different builders close to a.ten-year span and we finally got it back.in my hands I call it the money pit.because I probably you know tinkled away.close to $2,500 on this gun it’s finally.back it’s definitely a collector’s item.it’s the only 54 caliber ever made but.now it’s not going to blow up on anybody.so now we’re out testing it and playing.with it I have to get my hat’s off to.everyone who’s touched it Mike over at.citrus arrogance has done a hell of a.nice job.and I look forward to seeing what type.of big boars he’s coming up with so.we’ll shoot some numbers shoot some.targets let’s see what we can do with.this beast peace out.hey all you Halle pointers I got to tell.you after only the gun for close to 12.years finally getting to shoot it in.getting some quality numbers he’s a.fantastic feeling I mean you really.don’t know the weight that’s off my.shoulders even though you know huffs.about wasted so much money at this but.we shot the 54 cow today on air and I.did a three shot string numerous times.once I got it dialed in at about 54.yards well you see we were testing in.two videos it was real nice three shots.spurts three shot string and it’s a low.psi fill we filled it to some higher.numbers and the spread was really bad.and the increase in speed was really.nothing so you know I worked up from.like 3800 PSI down to around 2000 and.this is the best 3 shot strings I was.able to get with a 3300 psi fill that.first shot was 248 grain hollow-point.actually see only how the point I got.for this gun because I why invest money.in a 1-up that’s disappeared for close.to 10 years so it’s like a maxi ball.trim down and 248 grains 3300 psi gave.me 773 feet per second which 329 foot.pounds which was really nice the second.shot off that same pill that put me down.to 2,800 psi she gave me 749 Greg very.nice spread very close together gave me.309 foot-pounds and then that left me.with 2,500 in the gun so 721 feet per.second to 86 foot pounds all of these.will kill a deer so this is I think this.is an amazing three shot string based on.the gun that’s been was built close to.15 years ago and it’s gone through five.different guys hands and we finally got.a working.gun I’m sweet with I’m really excited.about so these are the numbers hopefully.the video is not too bad there’s not.much I can do with it because I want to.get out with one bullet.but the finally the Bob Dean 54 Castle.is finished we got a killer here ready.for deer season I played with my numbers.and my peak sweet spot seems to be about.thirty-four thirty-five hundred psi yeah.there’s a first shot I’m getting an.average a seven seventy three to seven.seventy so we’re gonna shoot some.ballistic gel now it’s 50 about 54 yards.I believe and see what we can do.unfortunately it won’t be on slo-mo 757.and the tank gives me a reading about.3000 psi put another one in there.Oh 763 all right and we’re at 2600 yeah.I got excited what did that work first.it’s been so long I’ve only got two.bullets for this mold they sawed it off.maxi ball in a round ball in the round.balls are shotgun II so different.options for this Wow.okay well hopefully we can slow that.down on the regular camera that was 725.moving and grooving I love it I love it.alright let’s go get the gel and we’ll.take some other pictures oh let’s see.Oh there.there’s not one bullet in here pass all.the way through.nope nothing maxi balls are shooting all.the way through this ballistic gel.fantastic very solid slug this by the.way was the cardboard that I was.shooting if you can see but this is all.getting sighting in this right here it’s.got me in 254 yards.well the ballistic gel didn’t stop these.slugs these maxi’s are so more or less.relating to a solid they went even the.54 yards they went all the way through.that 16 inches of ballistic gel now.we’re gonna do a water jug let’s see.what happens with that so I can ruin.another camera.they pop did not as if not as exciting.as uh it’s a 20-millimeter but that’s.enough to kill a deer no ifs ands or.buts about that the reason I’m pushing.the bolt multiple times is the fact that.death the head on the bullets slightly.bigger it needs to be so I got a pop pop.at a few times to get it in bleeding it.and tipped it over not bad.here’s Ted giving it a shot no are you.kidding.you’re dead i Ted alrighty let’s see if.mr. hollow-point can hit this water junk.free hands standing.Oh dad friggin senator then you see me.shaking and wiggling it’s just like now.alright the awesome power of the 54.caliber Bob being only special alright.guys here is the jug I shot freehand.with the 54.look at that perfect dead center now.normally I would say that’s me because I.am so good but you guys are watching up.videos to know that I suck that was a.like shot but the gun is a tack driver.it is 54 yards just holding a nice inch.and a half group and that’s with me.wobbling everywhere well guys I got to.say the 54 is pretty damn nice weapon I.gotta say thank you to everybody who’s.worked on it but I guess it you know.you’ve got something you really want to.get souped up or some custom work done.check out my kit citrus air guys the guy.really knows his details the ins and.outs of tweaking and pieces of parts and.because there’s nothing he can’t work on.he’s gonna be my next guy to work on my.next project and I’m excited to see what.comes out of citrus air guns here.anyways I’ll try to get the numbers put.together for the old 54 here and it’s.not the most exciting video in the world.but it’s numbers and it’s details and.it’s stuff that we all need to know.alright.you. I be wild about add-ons, because they are smart!!
54 Caliber Air Rifle
Meet this adorable component! After years of waiting and going thru 5 different builders the 54 is back in my hands again, also known as the money pit or the bane of air guns to me.