35 Caliber Silenced Air Rifle Intro, oh there Jeffy Oh with the big shoulders.channel thanks for tuning in this is the.beginning of a brand new project and to.be perfectly honest with you I don’t.know which aspect of it to be more.excited about I don’t know if it’s the.fact that it’s a 30 caliber actually a.35 caliber 9-millimeter 0.357 rifle I.don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s.integrally suppressed it’s quiet as can.be I don’t know if it’s the fact that.it’s not considered an NFA firearm so.there’s no way $200 transfer there’s no.law enforcement signature there’s no law.three to six month weight or if it’s the.fact that under federal are it’s not.considered a firearm at all I’m pretty.excited about all of it stick around and.I’ll show you what we’re doing.so today I’m at the range with the.Hudson h8 ESA and the big bore.carnivore it’s a 35 caliber air rifle it.holds in pressure 200 bar which is just.over 3000 psi this is the the air tank.you fill it you can fill it either with.a hand pump or if you’re lazy like I am.with a scuba tank with an adapter it’s.good for somewhere around 10 rounds.before it starts to lose velocity I.found.I’ve been firing over 12 and I haven’t.run it through the chrono yet but.accuracy wise I haven’t really noticed a.degradation in accuracy the projectiles.I’m running today at 81 grain that’s a.big boy man that’s a lot of air all at.once and after 12 rounds I found that.I’m dropping I don’t know somewhere.around 800 psi not even a thousand psi.so it really isn’t using as much air as.I thought and if it’s something you want.to shoot a lot between fills you can.actually actually purchase extra air.containers extra cylinders and have them.all pre charged so if you’re going out.the woods for a day and you think you’re.going to fire a couple dozen rounds.that’s not a problem how cool is that I.didn’t really expect to be shooting a.video today I I know I say that a lot.lately.so I should just keep my cameras with me.and and I wouldn’t have to say that.anymore but I wanted to do something.quick this thing is impressive.I’m only shooting at 50 yards today I.understand that’s probably the maximum.effective range anyway for a small game.like a varmint like coyote this thing.will take a coyote supposedly no problem.and after spending some time behind it I.absolutely get it at 50 yards it’s fun.to listen to the flight time because.it’s absolutely quiet and and how cool.is that that it’s not an NFA device even.though it’s integrally suppressed.because it’s part of the rifle and it’s.an air rifle which is not a firearm.under federal law it doesn’t have to be.transferred like an NFA device it isn’t.even like I said a firearm at.all but this isn’t a toy by any means.this is a serious tool the stock is.fantastic it’s extremely adjustable I.put an optic on it to kind of stretch.out its capabilities a little bit and.make up for the these old tired eyes and.it’s shooting fantastic groups it’s only.40-something degrees today I didn’t even.bring a jacket so it’s not really a.great day to be shooting for accuracy.but I’m pretty impressed with it thus.far and I don’t even know what it is.like I said at the beginning I’m most.impressed with I don’t know if it’s the.groups that we’re shooting today or the.fact that it just explodes the bottle of.water just like you would expect with a.35 caliber rifle or that it’s not an NFA.device or it’s not a firearm at all I.mean this thing just opens up all kinds.of all kinds of fantastic exciting.possibilities for people and we’re going.to explore it in depth with the.coronagraph we’re going to measure the.accuracy what we’re going to go through.all that very very soon but for today.I’m going to call it a wrap I just.wanted to introduce you to this system.because I’m so excited about it and and.look for something more in depth and in.detail very very soon so I hope you.enjoyed this quick sneak peek if you did.please click like share us with your.friends in your vest social media.universe subscribe to the channel if you.don’t already and check back really.really soon because I’m really excited.about this and I think some of you will.be till till next time have fun and be.safe. These extensions are magnificent!
35 Caliber Silenced Air Rifle Intro
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