20mm Air Rifle on Helium, all right everybody out there at hollow point land it’s me mr. sexy coming at you live from tanto en de we’re still working on the old 20 millimeter here I shouldn’t say oh I say new 20 millimeter since this is the prototype and our project baby we’re still messing around increasing speed getting better numbers each day is a little different we started off with an 822 great 822 diameter slug now we’re going with an 825 seem to pick up a little more speed maybe make sure we’re not losing any air around the slug at this point we’re you know still a guessing game but it’s a game that’s fun today we’re going to be playing with the lighter of the two slugs the 1150 grain hollow-point and as you remember a prince in previous these are made out of pure awesome there’s only so much awesome available in the world and then it’s going to be gone and I’ve got about 70% of the market so if you want awesome come to this your hollow-point let’s start shooting and see what we can come up with all right Ted has got helium guys so we’re going to try to recreate some of our fun with helium here I got 4,400 pounds of helium or psi of helium and then the 20 millimeter here what an 8 to 5 diameter slug oh my god and we shooting downhill on this there’s a weird angle Ted I’m actually shooting down into the ballistic gel oh hope we get it this is a table lower before I got really downhill well keep our fingers crossed well I hit it knocked the second block off oh I’m glad that was a dirty block 6:33 so okay that first slug went through both blocks now I’m going to do 40 to 100 psi let’s see if we can capture that slug because it wasn’t it was kind of at the top all right a little down this time okay think I get that one dead center you 6:58 so the speed went up to 200 psi knock the second block off the first slug hit hi here and you can see it’s at an angle coming because we’re downhill and it went through the second block and all the way through and it’s in the dirt someplace the second slog here you know it you know we’re finding where the peak is on helium I put 4200 in this time instead of 45 it actually picked up speed and it mushroomed here and went half way because it opened up fully I think it was able to mushroom and dump more energy because you can see it goes all the way almost to the end with that expansion bubble I mean it doesn’t we thought maybe there was a fragment of lead but we really don’t see anything hopefully the slow motion will pick it up but this is I can’t wait to shoot a pig with this this is going to be left to name a new video hog hog let’s see hog ballistics hog velocity hard something I don’t know we’ll put hog in there somewhere but this is awesome we’re going to peel this baby out here in just a second and then I’m going to try it again it will slightly lesser psi of helium oh I tell you Ted is awesome got helium galore here love it that’s about 9 inches 8 inches in the ballistic gel so I’m just guessing that is it expanded that expansion bubble you know and the power just it just slotted just dumped all that terminal energy into the end of the chest cavity is what I’m looking for we get a little more speed out of this it’s going to peel back like a portobello this is awesome all right guys now drop the PSI 4100 all right you you darn it I keep knocking that second block of gel in the dirt 676 oh my gosh numbers are going up is the PSI goes down at 40 100 psi oh we’re we’re way on the other side of the bell curve 676 so we’re actually picking up massive speed and performance and you can see it went through 16 inch block 10 minus carry the one at least 10 inches no more like 12 inches does that look there’s four right there the size of my I won’t say it but yeah they’re right there that’s at least 12 inches a block and it’s mushroomed even more well all right guys battery’s running low 4000 psi 4000 knock it off again Oh 700 there you go we hit the sweet spot seven under feet a second oh my goodness oh my goodness that’s that roughly 30 percent increase you’ve talked about we’re at 3900 psi trying to see where the end of the old bell curve is on helium fire in the hole 7:24 we haven’t hit the top of the bell curve 3,900 psi on helium I went 14 inches into this block of gel and let’s see if we can get this baby out slow and easy and to disobey Wow I can’t wait to hit me a big old pig with this all right over to the line up so regular slat slug 4,500 psi 42 41 4,000 3907 24 feet per second stick that in your pipe and smoke it oh yeah 3,800 psi on a pumpkin helium just touch your cock it right Oh pumpkin the skin of disintegration part 1 and 740 feet a second guys now we’re 3,700 psi on the two water jugs Oh Oh 834 feet a second thirty-seven hundred psi oh my gosh and the tank is it nine hundred psi come into that math talk about dumping helium with a concrete block and slo-mo Oh 761 and it broke that block in half yeah so alright yeah battery died there now we hit that block on helium-3 yeah third year old name is 36 anyways it was 761 feet a second when 1150 green hollow-point made of pure awesome I’m the only person in the world that has awesome that I can make bullets with look at that look at that that is concrete devastation oh it broke the concrete block that was behind it okay here’s one piece there you can see where the slug hit oh there’s a piece here jammed into the wood so when it exploded it went in all directions that’s why I had the camera pull back so we wouldn’t wind up you know putting metal fragments water I can deal with I can’t feel what lead fragments in the lens all right that’s ted is free shooting about 3800 psi of helium yeah Annie it’s a short it was longer originally oh my gosh it is blowed up he destroyed a pumpkin you okay guys this is alright if this isn’t chubs Ville I don’t know what is alright so let’s see if we can get our pointy here okay that’s a raw eleven hundred and fifty grain hollow-point okay this is the first one we shot now we’re getting to see where our bell curve is on helium this is at forty four hundred psi 633 feet per second this is at 4200 psi 658 you see how we’re climbing this is at forty 100 psi 676 feet a second this is at 4,000 psi 700 feet per second we are talking massive sweetness here if this isn’t what you want doing to it due to a hog then you know you’re crazy insane in the membrane 700 is so sweet loving every minute of it alright oh you guys out there hollow point land now we’re playing with Elia thanks to all patel well that’s my friend Ted not uncle Ted anyways thanks to Ted Ted got some helium you see how it played with it in you know in the beginning here and these are some excellent just excellent numbers we came up with this 20 millimeter and we’re still tweaking and tuning it okay but this is just to let you know some of the fun I started high and work myself lower this time because I actually we thought with the helium as with the 12 gauge the higher numbers has turned into a dump gun but it actually did the opposite the numbers is the number is the PSI went down more helium was dumped with the weight of the hammer spring in conjunction so it 4400 we started with 633 feet a second which was faster whole shooting with air gave us a foot pound energy of 10 23 I mean that’s huge jump and as we get down further 4100 676 4,000 I thought was our market 700 Oh got better 39 725 37 4037 was our sweet spot that was our killer but it dumped almost everything 3700 psi a helium 834 feet a second 1776 on foot-pounds so these numbers are screaming from four thousand 39 38 37 and 36 it started getting slower again 761 I mean still 1479 is nothing to sneeze out on foot pounds but right there around 37 that was my sweet heart and you can see with a ballistic gel even with the slower numbers you can see how the depth into the gel and how the bullet mushroomed even further with the higher speeds as it made it further through so fun with helium well today we had fun with helium via the big board the best speed we got is about 3,700 psi of helium gave his 834 feet a second with eleven hundred and fifty grain slug that’s seventeen hundred and seventy-six that’s the spirit foot-pounds of energy of course at that psi to one dump shot you know you fill it back up but a lot of fun so we started at 44 540 400 psi and dropped at every 100 and you can see the bell curve you see the power curve increase so it’s pretty cool now I’m helium we know where the sweet spot is I just got to find it on air Oh hope that’s been entertaining we had a lot of fun blowing everything up and tearing of ballistic-gel blocks to pieces helium’s up for everybody it’s expensive and takes a while to piddle around with it and get it set up it’s not something I would you on a daily basis or go hunting with just because I don’t have access but thanks to Ted and his setup hopefully will show you that later on he uses a low psi helium tank with the shoebox compressor to fill up his carbon fiber and that’s how we’re able to get you know high psi in here with the helium so it’s an interesting setup will show that to you here thank you so much for watching and you remember hollow points rule okay fun with helium take one alright here we are at Ed’s basement we switch cameras because the other camera died I don’t know how much footage we got so we’ll redo this hopefully this one the battery will stay charged we’ll start back the Ted what type of tank is this and where did you pick it up okay this is what they call a case sized cylinder in the trade it’s it’s not the biggest helium cylinder not the littlest bit of case size and I got it from a welding supply place I called around a lot of welding and gas supply places to see who seemed to have the best deal and who would actually rent me one so they call this a case sized cylinder it holds around 220 cubic feet and the pressure is around 2000 psi maybe a little higher mine seemed to be lower okay so I did that it’s not to 6,000 psi heavy welding lower pressure and it’s a physically smaller lighter tank than the six okay and lugged it out of the car down into the basement yeah the guy in the welding supply place he flew at the back of the car for me when I got it home then I kind of wrangled it out onto the ground and put it on the little dolly here so that I could manage it easier and get it up and down the basement steps and such okay so it is manageable yeah yeah it’s around 125 pounds empty they say they say with gas and it’s maybe 175 I don’t know if those are exactly okay so it’s basically the type you find at the party store for balloons right okay and then the is a special regulator you have on top now I just I think the same kind of regulator I’d use on my carbon-fiber tank if I want to tether my you know my big board so this happened to come from Joby it’s Joby rules yes yeah it’s got to have the right kind of fitting to go into the helium tank I want to say this was a CG 580 or something but you got to make sure it’s the right kind of fitting okay go on to that kind of cylinder otherwise it’s got input and output gauges the input gauge normally this one happens to go up to about 5,000 that’s fine the tank only goes up to like 2,000 but the output gauge is pretty much useless because it only starts reading at at around 200 psi or so and you need to have a lower I don’t find it to be able to manage the the output later in the program a much lower print on this one you’ve got the female female did quick-connect and the male to put disconnect okay yeah so you can just pop it off and on right again Joby I told him what I was trying to do and he you know put it together for me okay so to get the to get the first pass at the gas out of here into the carbon-fiber tank since this thing starts out at around 2,000 psi and my carbon-fiber tank is starting out empty I just took a long microbe or hose and connected it directly from the regulator output straight over to my carbon-fiber tank and just open them both up yeah opened up the carbon-fiber tank and and very slowly cracked open the the helium tank this is my first experience with us I didn’t you know what know what to expect but also open up the regulator output really slowly I don’t want a big rush of high pressure into the carbon fibre like gradually allowed the pressure to increase over a period of maybe 15 20 minutes I don’t know how fast is okay to fill it so you just want better safe than sorry I can feel the carbon fiber tank warming up and but not too much so anyway after maybe 10 15 minutes of letting it slowly build up the pressure got equalized and the carbon fiber tank arrived at the same pressure that was left in the helium cylinder and that was around 1600 psi so okay why is it about 1600 psi at that point nothing more is going to go from seal helium cylinder over to the carbon fiber so that’s where the shoe box comes in okay so you close the tanks open the bleeder right and then take off the Direct Connect hose so to speak okay and at that point then was ready to hook up the shoe box so again I’ve got a microbe or hose coming out of the regulator and it’s going now through a lower pressure reading gauge so I can manage the pressure that’s going into the shoe box here the F 10 model be the maximum input pressure is about 125 psi I think so I needed a gauge that would allow me to read that ballpark of pressure so I’ve got another gauge on here that I can control it again by using the adjustment on the regulator I can control you reduce the flow from the big tank down to about 110 110 120 psi and that’s going into the shoe box and coming as normal then the output from the shoe box and other micro bore hose into the carbon-fiber tank that’s pretty simple you’re just replacing the basic pancake compressor with air with the low input of the helium and fill in the tank that’s not rocket science no but it was kind of slow yes even though the f10 is faster than previous shoe boxes this was my first use with it was with the helium and it took me to go from the initial 1,600 in here up to 4600 finished pressure which was where the shoe box shut off the automatic shut off shut off about 4600 that took me probably six and a half hours at it met it yes well but now you you’re not going to let it drop that low anymore so now you’ll just be topping it off that’s true oh I’ll shoot this tank down to whatever pressure we end out 3035 on whatever and then so from there it’ll be topping it off again at 46 from whatever is left in the helium Center so okay so this is all new to me what I don’t know yet is you know how many more top offs am I going to get from whatever is left in here after I brought this up to 4600 my alien cylinder was down to about 1,000 or 1100 psi so okay you just suck it out of here through the shoebox to top this off I don’t know how many times okay so this is a manageable situation for the do-it-yourselfer it’s a lot of fooling around it’s a lot of bits and parts but if model around try and helium I guess inside it’s one way to go if you can’t get the big 618 excellent thank you so much sir mr. hollow-point from Ted’s Hacienda signing off Fong would helium you My brother says this plugin is magnificent!
20mm Air Rifle on Helium
This is the helpful plug-in ever%sentence_ending This is my first video on the long awaited 20mm air rifle, Brent Hoag built this canon for me and were now testing it out and seeing what it can do, its all a very exciting journey, I hope you like it.