10 Best & Cheapest PCP Air Rifles – Best PCP Air Rifle for the Money 2019, welcome everyone based on countless hours of research and independent studies today’s video we are going to check out the ten best and cheapest PCP air rifles I try to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to find out the price and more information about these air rifles you can check out the description and the comments section below ok so let’s get started with the video [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys we tested pretty much every pellet we had at our disposal probably somewhere in the 1516 amount of pellets that said we narrowed it down to three in our pre testing that did quite well the results were okay you know for most so you got the cross room from your domes which is a pretty affordable pellet all twelve shots and these are twelve shot groups inch and a quarter for all twelve you cut out that shot right there which was my first shot so probably a me problem there and you got 11 shots in a one inch group which is certainly not too bad out at 45 yards moving it in the Barracuda powers which is a very heavy pellet you got a twenty one grain pellet they’re gonna give you a lot of energy puts all 12 in about an inch and an eighth and again 11 of those 12 are gonna be in a one inch group there which is again pretty solid but definitely the best those jsb 15 point eight nine five-eighths group 12 shots out of a $300 gun high praise in the accuracy Department for the hots on flash [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys we decided to take the gauntlet straight out to 45 yards there’s really no point in testing really any PCP closer than that for the most part and the results are pretty good we tested about 10 pellets in the gauntlet and we found that 3 did better than most so we’re talking about 1-inch groups is what my personal wanting was in this gun you know if we can do a 1 inch 10 shot group at 45 yards I consider that a pretty solid grouping not great but pretty solid and the predator GTO is delivered right at about an inch for 10 shots not too bad but we definitely can do better the JSB 15.8 9s you got a 3/4 inch group they’re very tight little spread there the regulator is certainly doing its job keeping those shots consistent and the H&N field target trophy is also coming in right at about three-quarters of an inch so pretty good groups again 10 shot group so they’re gonna be a little bit bigger than they would be if they were 5 but the gauntlet could certainly deliver out at distance 45 yards sub 1-inch groups pretty impressed with the gauntlet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] moving on to the rifle we have a much longer air cylinder it’s about three times the size of the pistol that doesn’t quite triple your shots though because you’re putting out significantly more power with the rifle than you are with the pistol do you have a friendly gauge in the back as well as your fill port which is hidden underneath the buttstock here which fits into the shoulder quite nicely you also have this rubberized coating on the outside of the cylinders this is also there on the pistol but not something you’re really gonna use on a pistol nice feel on the cheek it’s nice and soft it’s not cold or anything like that so it’s quite comfortable and fits into line with the scope rail really nicely just like the pistol yep the same organ amah grip same feel same texturing same rail up top as well you’re gonna obviously want a mom scope on this particular one being a rifle you’re gonna see its accuracy with something that actually has that magnification to give you a little bit better control over what you’re doing you also have the same cocking system so again you flip that lever from back to front actually pulling it down and then pushing forward you flip the locking lever here down and then fold it back up and you’re good to go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys as I said in the studio Crossman it’s got some new barrels now these aren’t the low through Walther barrels that they’re gonna be offering through the custom shop this is a Crossman made barrel but they’re going about it a new way so these barrels should be much much better and I think the accuracy showed that certainly predator GTO is right around one inch that is actually an inch on the dot for this group and that’s ten shots you know certainly hunting capable for those of you that want an on led option the Crossman premier domes actually did pretty well right about an inch too so certainly a hunting friendly pellet the JSB eighteens pretty good about three quarters of an inch but definitely our best that jsb fifteen point eight nine point six inches five eighths of an inch guys this is a dime right here you’re not going to get a whole heck of a lot better than that and you know gun in this price point to be able to put down a group like that forty-five yards very good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 12:14 now this says this says that they give you get in max velocity of a thousand feet per second on the 177 [Music] all right 989 Ott’s interesting went from 1217 pi in 89 that’s quite a jump put together nice little group down there didn’t get a reading on that one there we go 970 600 there okay so maybe maybe that 1200 was a random one it looks like it’s nine at high 900 possibly over thousand let’s move on and check out the eighth grain see what kind of group we can do there pretty impressive group again like I said for this guy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello crayons [Music] nothing more you want out of a 177 of that accurate good power let’s dial it down that pretty go all the way down did you see the difference in the power and how it affects the shot it went from a thousand fifteen to three fifty four and it drops about the full ring I’m aimed at the top of that target through 68 you can go out and shoot like this a thousand fifteen feet per second a little bit louder or you can take in your backyard or even your garage or something and shoot this thing all day long and a lower power and the thing is you may have ever you have adjustments in between there so you’ve got you know almost seven hundred feet per second of adjustments right there just by dial this thing down which is awesome I’m gonna dial back up to full power all right hñ sport Barracuda match 10.65 grain here we go back up to max power so this is full power with the puncher Pro [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys so we went through about six seven different pellets in twenty five here ended up going through all J SBS just purely because they shot the best the King’s the twenty five fours they did pretty well not great you know six of those nine shots are in within about three quarters of an inch so I think it’s gonna be gun to gun in terms of which King it likes best but obviously the mark two heavies whoa half-inch I mean this is by far the pellet to go with in the Nova and this Nova in particular I think you get a lot of reasonable groups and obviously the big surprise I think for myself and probably most of you guys as well are these predator GTOs I’ve been trying these than a lot of guns lately and they did quite well in the Nova about an inch group there for nine shots it’s pretty damn good you don’t get a whole lot better than that obviously the king heavy just blew everything else out of the water so we’re gonna use those for the chronograph testing see how many shots we get and then we do for the sound testing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys you get over our accuracy results here 45 yards pretty good the barricade 100 there but I think the majority of the group isn’t too bad well probably the end user but you never know but obviously I mean right here are by far they’ll be tested you’re talking about basically more job than a happening making a pot of three-quarter-inch group for a gun in this price range that is damn good I’m really impressed kind of one that surprised me a little bit different energy goes here goes there like twelve green 1175 and 45-yards went down pretty darn good as well so you got a couple Pella tops hunting or game for sure and really definitely strong support forty-five yards company you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] before we go ahead and get this in shooting here we’re gonna show you how to load the mag you’re just gonna take the face of the magazine and rotate it counterclockwise that’s gonna bring it around you’re gonna notice that that hole there doesn’t allow you to load a pellet so we’re gonna flip the magazine around to the back and we’re gonna load our first pellet skirt first so skirt to the pellet right into the hole there let it drop in and then we are secured under spring tension so I don’t have to actually hold the magazine anymore I can go ahead and load each pellet head first now one by one until we are ready to go so now that we have our magazine fully loaded we’re gonna find the magnet on the bottom of the magazine you see it right there there is also a magnet in the breech so we’re just going to take it slide it across there and you will click into place load it up we’re ready to go [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] like [Music] My fancy mom says this plugin is fancy!
10 Best & Cheapest PCP Air Rifles - Best PCP Air Rifle for the Money 2019
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