✔️ Bear River 1200fps Air rifle – Review, hello hello this is Brian with tsimko survival and I just want to do a quick review for you today of the weapon that I have decided to take for my bug-out bag it is an air rifle it is the Bear River TPR 1200 now I actually got this for $90 at Walmart it was on sale it was typically 149 but let me go into why I decided to choose an air rifle over a standard rifle before I get into the actual review of this weapon now I decided to go with an air rifle because of the ability to can carry vast amounts of ammunition with me in a very small area with minimal weight I decided to go after small game rather than large game because large game is a much higher calorie expenditure than going after spoils and small animals because you actually have to track them down find them yet set up your hide everything else it’s just it’s a lot of expenditure where I would much prefer being able to go out sit down look up into the trees for a little while find a squirrel and I have my dinner for the day so I decided go with the air rifle and I picked this one specifically because of the quality of it and the fact that it is pretty accurate you can put if you’re good enough I’m still not that good with it yet but if you’re good enough you can put in five shots into a quarter from about 30 yards which the target I have up there which I’m going to actually shoot this for you today is about 30 yards away so I figured this will give you a good idea of how accurate I am with it but the rifle itself is actually much more accurate than me it comes with a 4×32 scope is actually pretty good scope I have no complaints about that rifle itself is heavy it’s probably about 9 to 10 pounds so as far as the weight goes it’s actually a fairly heavy rifle the stock here is made out of a polymer it’s an all-weather stock so you don’t have to worry about it being wood or anything like that the can mo it just happened to come in camo that wasn’t anything I was looking for specifically I do like the pistol grip on it I just find it’s more comfortable the safety I don’t know if you can see it here so let me go ahead and get a little bit closer this is your safety down is unsafe up is on fire this shoots a polymer pellet at 1,200 feet per second or a lead pellet at around 1000 um keep in mind this is a weapon you can kill somebody with it just because it’s an air rifle doesn’t mean it’s safe and this is not the kind of thing that I would buy a little kid I have used this and it has put a pellet through would privacy fence so keep that in mind the penetration on a rifle of this FPS is significant but overall the build quality is phenomenal I haven’t found any issues it is a brake barrel rifle so let me go ahead and show you that really quick I’m not going to do it all the way because I don’t want to cock it but this is your barrel you load the pellet right in here when you have the pellet loaded you pop the rail back up you don’t have to worry about pumping it or anything like that but because of that it is a one-shot rifle now it is spring action which means you cannot leave the pellet in here you will destroy your spring so when you’re ready to shoot it that’s when you put the pellet in otherwise don’t pre cock it don’t load it and then walk through the woods because you’re more than likely going to wear out your spring while you do that like I said overall it’s a really good rifle it shoots a 0.177 pellet at 4.5 mm it’s more than enough to take down small game but if you’re looking at taking out something large or like maybe a fox I would probably go with the 22 a point to two air-rifle if you’re going to use one box I’d say is about as high as you’re going to go with an air rifle so I wouldn’t concern yourself with anything over that but it does have fixed iron sights no you cannot remove them that’s kind of disappointing to me but they are permanent so you kind of got to live with it one thing that bothers me the most is that this one right here the front sight is visible through the scope on the bottom of the scope which is distracting but you might be able to fix that by getting a higher scope mount but in my opinion the scope mount is already fairly high as it is and to raise it up even more is kind of ridiculous so I’ll just deal with you noise but overall phenomenal rifle it shoots really well so let me go ahead and do some let me go ahead and put some rounds through it and I’ll show you what it can do remember the rifle is a lot more accurate than I am I haven’t shot a rifle like this in probably twelve years so cut me some slack all right there you have it I put about 10 to 15 rounds through it just to take a look and see what the accuracy of it unfortunately the scope here is a little bit loose so I wasn’t able to sight it in quite the way I wanted it but overall I think it did a pretty good job a bit more practice and I should have it dialed in properly but like I said good quality weapon definitely something that I would consider if you would like to go the air rifle route there are more expensive options available granted but I’m on a bit of a budget so for those of you who would like a weapon someone the area of one hundred two hundred and fifty dollars I definitely give this one a look I do believe they have them on Amazon so you might want to check out their I think it’s under $20 there but as always if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below and if you liked the video please hit the like button and subscribe thank you so much please have a great day bye bye I be nuts about addons, because they are clever!!
✔️ Bear River 1200fps Air rifle - Review
I love constituents, because they are the interesting!! Check out the Bear River Air Rifle 1200 Fps. This rifle is good for hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels. It’s a break barrel style air rifle meaning its 1 shot similar to a muzzle loader.

It’s a great air rifle for a reasonable price!

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Bear River Air Rifle

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